Softlips Repair Range Launch

Softlips SA Launches Repair Range To Soothe And Heal Problematic Lip Conditions

Softlips Repair is a unisex range which promises to soothe, cool and protect lips. Available in menthol and cherry, the unique glide-on formula contains moisture rich and long-lasting protectants which assist in providing fast acting relief to those suffering from dry, chapped or windburned lips. Its hero ingredient, menthol, provides an immediate cooling sensation whilst SPF15 protects one’s lips from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

“We understand that seasonal changes, allergies and constant mask wearing can have a massive impact on one’s lip condition,” says Angelica Hendricks Softlips, Assistant Brand Manager. “This can lead to dry, chapped and problematic lip issues.”

“Softlips Repairs is a lip therapy solution applicable to a wide and diverse range of individuals who suffer from varying needs,” continues Hendricks. “Softlips Repair can offer relief to consumers suffering from chapped or problematic lips caused by harsh environmental conditions through to outdoor sport enthusiasts, allergy sufferers or simply individuals seeking moisturised lips.”

Hendricks expands a bit more on some of these conditions (environmental and other) that can have a detrimental impact on one’s lips:

  • Sunburn
    We all know the damaging effects of UV rays on one’s skin. We need to remember that our lips are as, if not more, vulnerable to UV rays. The skin on our lips is much thinner than skin on the rest of one’s face or body. Unprotected lips, exposed to UV, can result in the reddening and swelling of one’s lips as well hard and dry lips or even sun blisters.
  • Mask lipsCloud burn
    Whilst much is known about the impact of sunburn, cloud burn should not be negated. UV rays are as able to penetrate even heavy cloud cover, having as much of an impact on one’s lips as bright sunshine. It is therefore as crucial to protect one’s lips on cloudy days as in the middle of the hotter seasons.
  • Cold environments
    Our lips are often the last area on our body, and our face, that we cover when experiencing cold weather conditions. Did you know that, due to its thinner skin, lips can dry out as much as 10 times faster than the rest of one’s face? Ensure you protect your lips all year around!
  • Mask trapped lips
    ‘Mask-lip is fast becoming known as the latest face mask related skin ailment. Face masks can trap warm and humid air and moisture, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow that, in turn, can lead to mouth sores.  In addition, breathing through one’s mouth when wearing a face masks can lead to dry, chapped or irritated lips.

“Taking care of one’s lips is as crucial as taking care of the rest of one’s body,” continues Hendricks. Softlips Repair provides an easy to use, fast and effective way of protecting one’s lips whilst also assisting in its repair.

Available at all leading retailers or via the Mentholatum SA online shop – – Softlips Repair retails for R 29.95 (4.2g).

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