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Your Buying Guide To Select The Right Travel Stroller

I have seen a lot of parents struggle while taking their kids out, especially when travelling. They fail to realize that the daily, bulky, traditional umbrella strollers are so inconvenient to move around compared to today’s sleek umbrella strollers.

The same ignorance made me suffer initially when we had our first daughter. However, when we planned to travel internationally at that time, one of my close cousins suggested a travel stroller for the trip. We bought one and have been ever so thankful that we took the suggestion.

Like we did then, many parents have a big doubt before travelling with a baby—Do we really need a travel stroller?

This article aims to answer this daunting question, while providing some really good insights on how a travel stroller is different from the regular traditional stroller and the umbrella stroller.

For selecting the right travel stroller, along with some really good suggestions, you can refer to You will not only get details about what all you need to look at while buying the right travel stroller for your baby, but also detailed reviews on some of the best travel strollers available in the market today.

Your Buying Guide To Select The Right Travel Stroller

So, Why Do You Need A Separate Travel Stroller?

Well, when you think of travelling light with your child, switching to a travel stroller is the best choice you can make. To help you make the right decision, let me take you through the pros and cons of the various types of strollers available in the market.

  1. Traditional Stroller


  • Comes with lots of amenities – like cup holders, trays, large canopies
  • Plenty of storage options
  • More weight bearing
  • Large & sturdy – can be used for a longer timeframe
  • Some can accommodate infant car seats
  • Higher-end ones can even be used in different terrains


  • Takes more storage space
  • Difficult to fit into trunks of smaller cars, overhead storage space in planes, etc.
  • Generally expensive
  • Maneuvering difficulties because of the size – especially narrow places

  1. Umbrella Stroller


  • Extremely light weight
  • Many umbrella stroller have a sun shade as well
  • Less expensive
  • Less bulky
  • Easy to maneuver cause of light weight


  • Very basic features
  • Skimpy canopy material
  • Low on baby comfort – less seat cushioning
  • Offers only a single fold
  • Constraint in storing – cannot fit into the overhead storage of an airplane
  • Less storage space within the stroller for baby stuff

Line of strollers

  1. Travel Stroller

We often find ourselves in a situation where we want to buy a product that has the best features from two or three other products. We can call this the shopping conundrum/ dilemma.

Here’s one product that will give you the best features of both of the above stroller types while keeping your baby happy and comfortable.

Like Hannah Montana, ‘Enjoy the Best of BOTH WORLDS’!

The travel stroller is definitely a notch above both types of strollers. It is more compact and light as compared to the traditional and umbrella strollers.

It is also packed with travel-friendly features while keeping it super sturdy. It can fit into small spaces, as it can fold into a very compact size. Some travel strollers even have tri-fold designs and can fit in a backpack!

It is necessary to mention that most travel strollers are not made for newborns. You will have to buy an infant kit along with it.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of travel strollers:


  • Compact size – can fit in small spaces like overhead airplane bins, car trunks, oversized diaper bags – some even fir in backpacks.
  • Significantly smaller as compared to traditional strollers
  • Most are packed with amenities – storage space, cup holders, trays, seats which are reversible
  • Comparatively less expensive with basic versions available
  • You can attach adapters for car seat compatibility
  • Sleek and hassle-free handling in compact places
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Can be used till kids are older, even in their preschool


  • Some weigh quite a bit
  • A few fully-geared ones are a wee bit expensive
  • Has lesser seat cushioning as compared to a traditional stroller
  • Cannot be used for infants; can be used only when they can start balancing themselves and sit without toppling

Many parents, including me, vouch for travel strollers! It really eases your travels with a baby and makes it more enjoyable as you are hands free.

For understanding how to choose the right travel stroller that is best suited for you and your child, you can refer to an interesting read on

Air-travel Tips When Flying With A Stroller

  • When you are checking in the stroller along with your other baggage, then pack it well and add a fragile tag on it, as there is a high risk of damage in transit. Hence, be prepared.
  • Keep your stroller absolutely light. Do not have anything stored in it as during the security check you will need to fold the stroller and put it into the X-ray machine.
  • Sometimes a stroller gets transferred to the oversized baggage area. Hence, while waiting at the belt, keep this in mind else you will spend quite some time searching for the stroller in the wrong area.
  • Avoid splurging on buying an expensive travel stroller. Remember baggage does get lost and damaged while in transit.
  • You need to get used to putting your child in the travel stroller. Stay hands free. Make it a conscious habit. Many parents I know are not accustomed with the travel stroller and tend to forget it and carry the baby around later realizing they have forgotten the stroller at an X location. Also taping/labeling your travel stroller with your name and number will help as someone can contact you in case it is lost.

Final thoughts

Travel strollers give you the freedom to enjoy your holidays hassle-free, even while moving around with small children. To help in your selection for the best travel stroller, you can refer to

Baby travel strollers do have quite a few interesting amenities found in a traditional stroller, with the added benefit of being compact and lightweight.

So even though COVID – 19 may have dampened the travel bug in you through 2020 & 2021, you could revive your travel plans with your kid with the help of the lightweight travel stroller. Just like a travel stroller, you should also consider a portable travel crib for your child.

We hope that our article helps you with your selection for the right travel stroller and puts you on the fast track to your next holiday with your baby.

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  2. Up to what age can a baby use stroller?

    • Kamo you will need to check the weight for each stroller you look at, they all have different maximum weights. Some can be used up to about 3 years old, I think from then onwards its easier not to have a stroller.

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