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Bio Strath Review – 9 Things You Want To Know

I’ve seen Bio Strath on the shelves in many big stores such as Dischem, Clicks and Checkers for many years but since I am not really big on supplements I never took much notice. Bring on 2020 and things are looking a bit different.

Like many moms all over the world, this year I am feeling a overwhelmed, exhausted and in need of a pick me up. I started looking for something to help me with my energy levels and with boosting my immune system.

When before a supplement was not high on my list of essentials suddenly Bio Strath started looking quite appealing to me and I decided to give it a go.

So if you are trying to decide if Bio Strath is good or bad, then this Bio Strath review is for you.

The first of this post is going into the details of Bio Strath and my personal thoughts are shared at the bottom of this review, so feel free to use the table to jump to the sections that interest you.

Bio Strath Review

What Is Bio Strath?

Simply explained, Bio Strath is a 100% natural plasmolysed yeast herbal supplement (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Meyen). It contains 61 of the 100 nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. It includes 11 vitamins, 20 amino-acids, 19 minerals and trace elements, and 11 building substances.

Bio Strath was formulated more than 50 years ago by Dr Strathmeyer, a Swiss bio-chemist.

Bio Strath Ingredients

The ingredients in Bio Strath vary slightly depending on the product type, here is what you will find in each:

Bio Strath Syrup Composition

  • 83% plasmolysed herbal yeast
  • 9% malt extract from barley
  • 5% orange syrup
  • 3% honey
  • Alcohol content of 4.5% v/v resulting from fermentation

Bio Strath Tablets Composition

  • 89% plasmolysed herbal yeast
  • 7% corn starch
  • 2.5% cellulose
  • 1% apple pectin
  • 0.5% silicon dioxide

Bare Necessities Composition (Bio Strath for kids)

  • 83% plasmolysed herbal yeast
  • 9% malt extract from barley
  • 5% orange syrup
  • 3% honey
  • Alcohol content of 4.5% v/v resulting from fermentation

In case you are worried about the alcohol listed in the syrups I looked it up on their website for interest sake since I am a recovering alcoholic so I cannot consume any alcohol, plus of course there are concerns about giving alcohol to kids, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms – the amount of alcohol is less than the amount that develops naturally when you bake bread – you can read up on this in their FAQ section on the Bio Strath website.

What Vitamins Are in Bio Strath?

The vitamins in Bio Strath are Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Inosit and Ergosterol (Provitamin D2)

The full nutritional breakdown is available on their website for you to check out, it breaks down and lists each of the 1 vitamins, 20 amino-acids, 19 minerals and trace elements, and 11 building substances which were mentioned at the beginning of this post.

What Is Bio Strath Used For?

Bio Strath has a long list of benefits including boosting your natural energy, improving concentration and memory, assisting with absorption of nutrients, supporting of recovering from illness and excercising and even offers benefits supporting therapy for symptoms of ADD/ ADHD, as well as supporting vitality during and after pregnancy.

How Much Does Bio Strath Cost?

The Bio Strath price varies slightly depending on where you buy it. I looked online to find the best Bio Strath price in my area and the best priced shop for me was Checkers.  I bought the box of 60 Bio Strath tablets for R129.99. The same box was priced at R119 .95 at Dischem but we don’t have a Dischem in our area yet so I would need to drive to the next town.

Here are the current prices for Bio Strath at Dischem but please make sure to double check the prices for yourself:

  • Bio Strath tablets 20’s – R 48.95
  • Bio Strath tablets 60’s – R 119.95
  • Bio Strath tablets 100’s – R 189.95 (currently on special for R 169.95)
  • Bio Strath tablets 300’s – R 549.95
  • Bio Strath Elixir 100ml – R 89.95
  • Bio Strath Elixir 200ml – R 159.95
  • Bio Strath Elixir 500ml – R 364.95
  • Bio Strath Bare Necessities 100ml – R 84.95

Take note of the dosage to work out how much you will spend per month. An adult takes 2 tablets 3 times a day which works out in total to 180 tablets a month, so if you plan on taking Bio Strath regularly then I recommend that you buy the biggest packages to save costs.

How Long Does It Take Bio Strath To Work

Bio Strath can start working for you within a few hours or a few days depending on your desired results and the condition that you are taking it for, as well as how long you have been taking it for.

I personally started noticing the effects on day two.

Possible Bio Strath Side Effects

One of the things that I always dread doing is looking at the side effects of any supplements or medications I am taking. It always looks quite scary but I do understand that the companies are covering themselves. Very often listed side effects are very long and detailed.

The side effects listed in the Bio Strath pamphlet is short and sweet and related to an allergy to Bio Strath. Take note of the ingredients in Bio Strath and if you have any allergies to them don’t take it. If you do experience an allergic reaction then contact your doctor immediately.

It is also important to note that you should check with your doctor before taking Bio Strath if you are taking any other medications.

Is Bio Strath Safe For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Bio Strath is a completely natural supplement and is marketed specifically for women that are pregnant and new mothers that are breastfeeding.

My Verdict – Bio Strath Review

I have to admit that I am always a bit of a skeptic when I read the list of benefits that products are supposed to offer and take it all with a pinch of salt. I was very pleasantly surprised by Bio Strath in this regard.

I’ve been taking Bio Strath for just over four weeks now and I am very pleased with the results.

By day two of taking Bio Strath I was already feeling more energized which was a welcome relief. Soon after I was able to concentrate more on my work, even through all the distractions of the kids being home (loud TV blaring and kids running around making a noise).

I’ve found that I am able to handle the day to day stresses of life easier and I am calmer with my kids. Overall I am happier and in a better place with my mental health. Like I have stressed so much before when talking about health – physical health and mental health are so intertwined, with one affecting the other.

So if you are also struggling with your mental health I really believe that Bio Strath for depression would be very helpful.

Another few things I’ve noticed in the last few weeks is that my hair and nails are growing well and are in better good condition. I can’t tell if this is directly related to the Bio Strath or not, but I have not been doing anything differently in the last few weeks so I have contributed it to the benefits of Bio Strath. So I would add Bio Strath for hair growth as one of the reasons to start using it.

I’ve also found that I am more regular which is welcome since I have to be very careful with my diet, drinking water and my exercise to ensure that my movements are regular, otherwise I am very easily prone to getting constipation.

Another thing I have found is that I am a lot more hungry, but this is probably due to exercising more in the last few weeks. I have been able to pick up my exercise again due to Bio Strath because my energy levels are higher which is fantastic.

I’m also sleeping better and waking up easier in the morning which is superb.

One thing to take careful note of though, is that I found taking the last two Bio Strath tablets just before dinner was not ideal because it kept me awake at night. I suffer from insomnia and steer clear of anything that will keep me awake at night. So I take two tablets at about 6am before I have my morning smoothie, then two tablets at 11am before I have brunch and I take the last two tablets at 3pm before a light meal.

If you struggle with sleeping at night I don’t recommend taking the last dosage too late. If you are staying up late anyway to work or study then it should be fine.

I’ve also taken some time to check out the Bio Strath research page and there is a lot of interesting information relating to studies done regarding Bio Strath and alzheimers, geriatric disorders, cancer and much more.

Do I recommend trying out Bio Strath? Yes for sure, it certainly surprised me in a great way.

I hope you have enjoyed my Bio Strath review and if you have used it please leave your experience in the comments.

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  1. This is very interesting!! I will buy this product when I buy vitamins again!!

  2. Excellent product. My son used to be on it his childhood days.

  3. Wow! I always considered purchasing Bio Strath, but never did. After reading this, I think I should give it a try.

  4. Wow after reading this amazing review of Bio Strath I feel confident to buy me some also since I always feel tired and unmotivated.
    I used it for both of my kids when they were in Primary school and they could focus for longer times on their school work.

    Definitely recommended for every family.

  5. Melanie Pretorius

    I’ve always seen it in store and thought about trying it. Thank you for this review, you’ve answered all the questions I had.

  6. I’m using biostrath on my 7 year old. He had ADHD, and it is a good supplement for him. It does help him concentrate more at school which is obviously a big plus.

  7. Abbygail Van Rooyen

    Wow thank you so much for this review. Had no idea of all the awesome benefits. My boys have been struggling with memory and concentration with the backlog of school work they have to catch up with due to schools being closed. I will be giving Bio-Strath a try.

  8. Ive been seeing it on the shelves and contemplating on purchasing it as all I want to do is sleep every chance I get. I never could have thoigh having a 4 year old and a 5 year old as well as a husband with Schizophrenia could be so draining. I will definitely give it a try as most days I dont know where my head is at.

  9. The BEST vitamins on the market!! Thanks for this nice article

  10. I can personally say that Biostrath is fantastic…im using the syrup for my grandchildren….and tablets for me…my 2 grandsons are borh ADHD and boistrath makes them more calm…i have found that i am also not so stressed and anxious..thanks for sharing

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