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Renting An Apartment vs A House in Philadelphia

If you’re thinking of moving to Philadelphia, there are so many options for housing. But with a lot of options, the decision-making process gets a little more difficult. 

If you’re stuck between renting an apartment or a house, we’ve listed the pros and cons of both, so you can make the best decision for yourself. 

Take a look and become one step closer to making your move to Philadelphia!

Renting an apartment in Philadelphia

There are so many different kinds of apartments around Philly. There are some that are so luxurious with everything you need and more, and others that have just the minimum. 

Whichever is more YOU, here are the ups and downs of renting an apartment in Philly.


  • Rent is usually much cheaper compared to a house
  • Many places include utilities in your rent
  • You’ll have on-site maintenance for any problem with your apartment
  • Many more options than for houses
  • The luxury of amenities, such as a gym, pool, and rec room!


  • You share walls with your neighbors
  • If you’re on one of the top floors, moving in and out can be a pain
  • Beware of people dinging your car in the crowded parking lot
  • Very few apartments give you the option of having a yard

Renting a house in Philadelphia

When you’re looking for a place that feels homier, a house is usually the way to go. But, there are still some drawbacks to think about. 

Here are the best and worst things about renting a house in Philly.


  • Much more space and privacy compared to an apartment
  • You get all your walls to yourself, no sharing!
  • Have the satisfaction of living in a real home instead of a temporary apartment
  • It’s likely you can get your utilities paid for
  • You’ll feel like you’re living in a real neighborhood, unlike an apartment complex


  • You may have to take care of maintenance yourself
  • There aren’t many options for rental houses
  • Deposits are often higher for houses compared to apartments
  • Rent tends to be a lot more

Whether you choose to rent an apartment or house, you really can’t go wrong. It’s not like you’re buying a house and getting bogged down with things like home inspections or paying property taxes. 

There are ups and downs on both ends. It’s up to you to decide what you are prioritizing when it comes to housing and see which option checks all your boxes! Whichever you decide, we have no doubt that you’ll have a great time living in Philadelphia. 

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