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9 Tips For Parents To Help Prepare Kids For College

Parents play an important role in helping their children adjust fast after joining college. As a parent, you need to start creating a learning environment for your child and let them understand how high school life differs from college life.

In addition to helping your child to adjust to college life, you also need to think about the college tuition and the general upkeep of your child. Read on to understand what it takes to prepare your child for college.

9 Tips For Parents To Help Prepare Kids For College

Allow The Child To Be Focused On Good Grades

One of the major issues to consider when preparing your child to join college is how to finance their education. Your child’s grades can make a huge difference during bursary awards. Whereas not every bursary or scholarship is awarded based on academic performance, many institutions factor it in the award decision process.

You may need to discuss with the child the benefits of good grades because this may give them room for improvement. Encourage them that good grades are attainable, but avoid pressuring them to get perfect grades. Getting good grades in high school can also influence the child’s ability to perform well in college.

Teach Your Child About Finances

Sometimes, high school children may not have enough exposure to money matters beyond the allowances they receive from their parents. In college, your child will be required to manage their money, prepare a budget to pay bills, and so on.

Teach your child how to choose the best savings account, reconcile bank statements, and set realistic and workable budgets. Taking time to discuss “college” finances at home may help your child make good financial decisions and avoid overspending.

Show your teen how to identify sales and deals, and encourage them to use student discounts when possible. Allow them to distinguish between needs and wants when preparing a budget and the significance of being content with what they have. It is also important to cover the college expenses. Decide whether the child will be using a debit card or a credit card and discuss the limits.

Consider Bursaries

Even for accomplished applicants, deciding how to award a bursary to a needy student may be challenging due to high competition. Apply to many bursaries, including the small ones, to increase the chances of award. A bursary award can make a big difference in financing a college education for your child.

One of the best ways to find a bursary is to go through your employer. Besides bursaries, consulting with your employer may help you to research possible opportunities for financial assistance that may be available in the prospective college. Some colleges offer diverse scholarships for students of various interests and backgrounds.

Study Together

Connect With The Guidance Counselor In High School

One of the roles of a high school’s guidance counselor is to facilitate bursary applications. Talking to the guidance counselor can help you to gather a lot of information regarding the bursary application process. They can also help your child to identify their eligibility and also provide valuable tips on how to secure the bursary.

The school’s guidance counselors also understand the college admission requirements and deadlines and can gauge the best universities for your child. Know the counselor by visiting or calling them because they may be a source of scholarship information.

The counselor may also guide your child regarding extracurricular activities and also provide academic tips to apply in college. Building a relationship with the school’s counselor may also create a channel through which the child can directly reach out to the counselor.

Get Meaningful And Relevant Experiences To Back Scholarship Application

Seeking out academic, work-related, and social opportunities is one of the best ways to secure a scholarship. Through such opportunities, your child can prove to the sponsors that they are worthy applicants. Internships can be a great way of showing that you are being proactive and have a strong interest in learning more about that field of study.

One of the best ways to impress the sponsors is by engaging in volunteer activities. This is an indication that your child is socially conscious and concerned about community affairs. Other relevant activities include debates, student governance, part-time jobs, arts, academic clubs, and athletics.

Encourage your child to engage in such activities to prove to sponsors that they are passionate about making a difference in their community. Participating in community work can enable your child to learn problem-solving, time management, communication, and leadership skills.

Cultivate A Healthy Habit

Preparing to go to college is not limited to securing funding and encouraging good study habits. The physical and mental well-being of your child can influence their ability to cope well in college.

Support your child by allowing them to have enough sleep and encouraging them to consume healthy meals. Sleep can have a direct influence on the mental development of your child and their ability to perform well in college. Getting enough sleep can also allow your child to maintain a healthy weight and avoid anxiety and depression. Teens should sleep for eight or nine hours daily.

What a child eats can directly affect their energy and general levels and so you need to encourage your child to take healthy meals. Limit low nutrient food such as candy and discourage sugar consumption as much as possible. Choose foods that are rich in iron, such as vegetables, fruits, and peanut butter, because these can boost energy levels.

Set Goals

Many students find high school life demanding and stressful. Maintain regular conversations with your child to find out how they feel about their schoolwork and how you can help them to overcome challenges.

If your child feels like they are having an easy time in college, you may consider taking them to an advanced one. Have grades as a priority and encourage your child to cultivate better study habits by providing a good study environment.

One of the best ways to foster an environment for success is by maintaining your child’s performance record. You can have a file for storing awards, honors, recommendations, school records, and the child’s community involvement. Having a file and regularly reminding your child about their achievement is a great way to let the child understand what matters most.

Setting Goals Is Important Because:

  • It teaches your child about preparedness and time management

  • It provides a path for success

  • Measures progress

  • Increases motivation

  • Increases self-confidence

  • Provides challenges

  • Gives purpose and focus

Set Goals

Discuss Important Responsibilities Of Joining College

Many students get a chance of being away from home when joining college. Therefore, you need to talk about the personal and social implications of this transition. Discuss peer pressure and how it can build or break their academics and highlight the consequences of drug abuse and addiction.

Drug abuse is one of the common problems affecting many college-going students, as many young people experiment with drugs as a result of peer pressure. Frankly discuss drug matters with your child and how drug abuse can influence their academic performance. Teach them about good habits and the importance of choosing friends wisely.


Preparing your child for college life revolves around planning for finances and helping the child to cope well as they take up new responsibilities. Such preparation will allow your child to connect with the right people and be able to achieve their academic goals. The child may be able to attain some skills which they can use while in college and so they are likely to be more responsible.


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