What is placenta encapsulation

Would you eat your Afterbirth? Here’s why you might want to!

What is placenta encapsulation and how can it help you?

Placenta EncapsulationThis maybe something you have heard of or maybe not.  Maybe the thought of it makes you feel ill but don’t write it off until you have researched the wonderful benefits of your placenta and how it can continue to help you after your baby is born.

Placenta encapsulation is not eating your placenta raw.  In actual fact your placenta is collected after you have given birth, it is then dehydrated and ground into a powered that is put into capsules.  These capsules are usually returned to you within 24 – 48 hours, so way before the baby blues kick in.

The capsules are then believed to help you:

  • healing faster
  • lessen baby blues
  • increasing your milk supply
  • replenishes your iron levels
  • increases your energy levels
  • balances your hormones
  • assists your uterus to return to pre-pregnancy state
  • helps you to feel happier

In fact most of my clients call these their happy pills.

We as humans are the only mammals who do not actually consume our own placenta after birth so it does make you think why not especially when you consider that our placenta contains some very useful hormones.   To name just a few, prolactin which promotes lactation, increases milk supply.  Oxytocin which helps to decrease pain and increase bonding between mother and baby (often referred to as the hormone of love). Hemoglobin which provides a boost in energy. Cortisone which helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Iron, anemia is a common postpartum condition, placenta encapsulation replenishes maternal iron stores and therefore increased energy and decreases fatigue and depression.

So with all this good stuff going back into your body why wouldn’t you consider encapsulating your placenta?

Having said all this if you decide to encapsulate your placenta make sure the person doing it is properly trained, has a food standards certificate and blood borne pathogen training as well as actual placenta encapsulation training.

About The Author

Chrissie Smith Schuler from Placenta Encapsulation

Chrissie Smith-Schuler is a Mom, her passion is helping families during their pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. In 2013 Chrissie completed her doula training with Wombs to become a certified Doula. She then went on to study with Postpartum Doula certification with Childbirth International. 2013 also saw her becoming a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with the IPPA

Aside from the above Chrissie also runs classes in Baby Weaning, Rebozo and offers belly binding.

Visit Chrissie’s Facebook Page.


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  1. At first when I read the subject of this post my stomach literally turned! But after reading the entire post I can confidently say that I will give this a go with my next pregnancy 🙂

    • LOL Nicole, actually this title my friend Lisa Bennett came up with. She is the one that submitted the Tiring Toys guest post. As soon as she suggested we were having a good giggle over it and I knew it would be a great title. You got to get people to click you know>?

      I have heard that eating your placenta is really beneficial for you. I am not too sure if it is something I would want to do, but I have had all my children so I won’t get the chance to make that decision.

  2. This is new to me I never thought that’s our placenta have so much benefits.

  3. Your placenta have a lot of benifits yes and they actually put it in table so you can swallow but they ay I see things I won’t be able to swallow it as ill be thinking of the placenta and for instance dogs how they eat and heal so fast without help of anyone personal opinion I don’t think I will be able to do it. But women who done or going to do it good stuff and those benefits are amazing what it does all I haven’t know all there things till I read the post.

  4. Elize Swanepoel

    LOL, this article is a great example of content with a gripping title.

    When I read the title I was cringing at the thought, but I was also curious so I end up reading the article.

    This is actually very interesting.

    I must admit, the thought of consuming your own placenta was quite revolting to me, but once I’ve read that it is dehydrated and then encapsulated, it sounds a whole lot better and I can imagine doing it. 😀

    I had no idea that consuming your own placenta had so many health benefits.

    Increasing your milk supply, lessen baby blues and increasing your energy must be the top three benefits in my opinion.

    You basically go back to the state you were before giving birth – incredible!

    Thanks for sharing this. It was an interesting read.

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