Certificates RSA - Police Clearance Certificate South Africa Marriage Certificate

Certificates RSA – Your One Stop Place for Certificates in South Africa

How many times have you been to Home Affairs in South Africa and had a pleasant no hassles experience? I can honestly only speak for myself and say that I have never been to Home Affairs and had a quick in and out experience where everything went smoothly.

Then there is the long wait for whatever it is that you have applied for to be processed which can literally take months depending on what you have applied for.

Certificates RSA

Certificates RSA is owned and run by mompreneur Alecia Vermaak (@alecia). Certificates RSA makes getting all your certificates so much easier and faster with much less hassle.

There will be times that you will need to get your certificates much faster than they are normally processed.

For example if you apply for a job overseas they will often ask for a South African police clearance certificate which you need to get from the SAPS Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

If you go the normal route a police clearance certificate takes about 6 to 9 months to be issued, chances are that job position will long be gone by the time you get your police clearance!

If you get Certificates RSA to take over your existing application you could have your police clearance certificate in your hands within 10 to 20 days which could mean all the difference!

Here is a list of all the certificates and services that Certificates RSA currently offers:

  • Police Clearance Certificate South Africa
  • Police Clearance Certificate Zimbabwe
  • Expungement of Police Record
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate South Africa
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate Zimbabwe
  • Unabridged Birth Certificate UK
  • Foreign Birth Registration
  • Marriage Certificate South Africa
  • Marriage Certificate Zimbabwe
  • Marriage Certificate UK
  • Death Certificate South Africa
  • Letter of No Impediment
  • Passport Applications
  • Apostille

As you can see Certificates RSA offers a wide range of services to make your life so much easier, providing top notch levels of service at the best possible prices.

If you are a busy mom like me then this is just the service you need when you need something from Home Affairs in a jiffy!

Certificates in South Africa - Certificates RSA

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  1. @alecia trust you are well. I said I would be intouch now I am please send me an email. Nicolhammond@gmail.com I would like to know cost of unabridge & SA Passport for my 11yr old son. Looking forward to your response.

  2. Alecia Vermaak

    Hi Nicol,

    Thanks for your message. I see that you mailed me, will reply to your email.


  3. Its very important to register your child so he can have a citizenship as a south african child.

  4. Alica you are indeed a help and saving everyone time by helping with all these certificates as its chaos by our home afairs in vaal triangle. I must apply for my new id as i get married in november i dont even want to think about it now .

  5. I know a child who is living without birth certificate due to the parents conflict the mother of a child give him here mother surname and she go and marriage to other family and change her surname now the child is about 9years old and had no ID . Can you help in this kind of situation. Please email me on avhutshilo@gmail.com

  6. Thank you @lynne that will be great maybe this child will get help

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