How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

I loved this tutorial on how to make your eyes look bigger. I have always just lobbed on eyeliner and now I think I will be making more of an effort to follow these tips and have bigger and brighter eyes!

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  1. This one as well my phone???? Ill keep trying eventually it opens but i saw a few other videos before and they are really good tips step by step how to do it and you get results i saw with my friend she done ours one day however i loved it but never took the time and do it myself.

  2. Eventually got to watch the video once again look so easy lol seeing these fake eye lashes on Amazon oh my i had a bad experiance with It got some tried it on and never again It was a mess it was so skew and i just didnt got it right.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’ve never tried fake eyelashes but I would love to, it just looks so glam right? Lord only knows here I would wear them to since I just stay at home and blog and play with my kids in the park and at the beach… and yeah I would most certainly get them stuck on skew too. But hey we can only dream about being all glam and gorgeous… you know sexy mom style. AND have somewhere to go..

      • LOL you are spot on Lynne yes we can just dream ill advice to get it done by a beauty salon but try maybe you better at this then me…ill just use the mascara i have that gives some lenght LOL quick and easy.

  3. It is a pretty basic concept, do not inner line your eyes, however she is also visibly squinting the ‘smaller’looking eye to add to this. SMH

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