Zando Two Piece Tankini Swimsuit

Plus Size Swimsuit For Women – Zando Two Piece Tankini Swimsuit Review

I’ve been struggling with my weight for a number of years now and one of the things that has always made me feel self conscious even when I was skinny is being in a swimsuit. Now that I’m a lot chubbier and I needed a plus size swimsuit for women I decided to try out the Zando Two Piece Tankini Swimsuit from Amazon.

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Plus Size Swimsuit For Women

What appealed to me the most about this swimsuit is that I have big boobs, currently I’m a 38E, and it is not easy finding a swimsuit that keeps that nicely covered and supported! I bought the size 2XL which is the US 12 – 14.

When my swimsuit arrived I was excited and disappointed at the same time – it arrived when the beaches were closed so I had to wait a bit to try it in the water which was such a disapppointment. When I tried it on I was so happy. The top fits my boobs perfectly and is flattering around the boob area and since it is in a tankini style it covers up my tummy beautifully.

It comes with breast pads in which I always remove – I find breast pads so annoying!

The bottom was nothing to get excited about – it is in the style of hot pants but the cut is not good at all. In fact you cannot see which side is the back and which is the front because they are exactly the same. However the bottom does fit and when worn with the tankini top you cannot see the bottom.

The bottom is not flattering at all and while you cannot see it you would think that a little more care would be put into the design of the bottom, especially since the top is so nice.

My Verdict For The Zando Two Piece Tankini Swimsuit

When I managed to get to the beach to try out swimming in this two piece tankini I was delighted. For the first time ever (as large as I am) I felt completely comfortable on the beach in a swimsuit. It is comfortable and flattering.

I was surprised at how nice the swimsuit was when wet, I was expecting bits of fabric to stick to my tummy and maybe be heavy and uncomfortable but it wasn’t. Even when completely wet the swimsuit continued to be flattering and comfortable.

While the bottom part of this swimsuit was a bit of disappointment it is the top that I was really interested in and that part I am so in love with. I would have still bought this if I had known the bottom would be so strange because I can easily buy another black bottom to go with the top if I want to.

It is a super cute swimsuit that is flattering for the plus sized lady. I highly recommend that you buy this swimsuit if you struggle to find something comfortable and flattering on the beach.

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  1. You look amazing!
    I myself are plus size and own a tankini and im super happy with my swimsuit

    • Thanks Leonora – this is the first tankini I’ve had and I am so in love. I’m so glad to hear that you are loving yours too.

  2. I love this costume! I have been searching for something like this! You look awesome!

  3. Cornea van der Merwe

    Ah you can’t tell me anything about ‘growing sideways’ LOL! Especially after lockdown. I’ve started a new. eating plan and hoping to get back in (better) shape but I’m not sure if I’ll have the confidence to rock a bikini anytime soon. Hoping to drop a few kg’s during winter. But wow woman, you are totes rocking that bod! Looking fab!

    • Thanks Cornea and I have actually lost 4kgs since then! I have been on a health challenge and it has been the most amazing experience, I am going to publish the post tomorrow about the results, I already did the live video a few weeks ago, but yes I’m a bit slow getting around to publishing the post to go with it!

  4. Wow you look amazing. Wish I can find a suitable one for me. I’m struggling with my weight loss and the anxiety makes it worse to loose weight. But thank you for sharing ❤️🙏

  5. I do struggle to with this … I love yours I never know what to buy … Hopefully next year will be my year

  6. this one is the best,it’s perfect

  7. I am going to have to give it a try, I am super self conscious, but you have convinced me.

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