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Guide For Buying Baby Shoes – Safety, Best Fit, and More

Babies don’t necessarily need shoes before they start to learn how to walk. There is a chance you could be interfering with their mobility if they’re wearing hard soled shoes. Your child will need shoes the moment they start walking. If your baby is making the transition, you can check out BirdRock Baby.

As opposed to baby shoes which are slipper-like, the first shoe needs to be flexible and comfortable. The shoes should also provide much-needed protection when the kids are outdoors. It is still a good idea to have the kids wear shoes when they’re still indoors.

Pre-walking Shoes Vs. Walking Shoes

Both pre-walking and walking shoes should be comfortable enough for the baby. The shoes should also have a non-slip sole. This means you should be able to bend them easily without a problem. The shoes should have good traction so that the child doesn’t easily slip.

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When Will the Baby Need Shoes?

Your baby will need the first pair of shoes immediately they start walking. They also need to protect their feet. You can never be too careful even if it is indoors. There could be toys that are dangerously laying around. Even though walking barefoot is recommended for growth, not every situation will be ideal.

What to Look For When Shopping Baby Shoes?

Velcro or Laces:

Velcro fasteners will make it easy to get the shoes on and off which is ideal for a baby. You can also forget about retying the laces every time which can be cumbersome if you’re outdoors. If you opt for laces, make sure that they’re long enough so that you can have double knots so that they don’t get undone easily.

Light Weight Material

The material used for the shoes should be lightweight and breathable. Cloth or soft leather is usually recommended. Stiff leather should be avoided at all cost at it can hinder foot development. Synthetic material will also make it hard for the foot to breath.

Check the fit

It is crucial that the child tries out the new shoe before you buy. If the child is standing, there should be a room just enough to squeeze your pinky finger. This ensures that the child is comfortable. There should be enough wiggle room so that the child’s feet can breathe and is not too squeezed. You should also check every month because the feet can go really fast when the baby has just started walking.

Shopping late in the day

Babies’ feet are known to swell at the end of the day. You could be shopping when the feet are small and the shoes will not fit when the feet start swelling. Try to squeeze or grab the shoe if it is made of elastic fabric. This helps in determining the clearance to accommodate the swelling.

Problem Spot

You will know you’ve bought the wrong shoe when it needs a break in for it to fit. You should let your child toddle around first indoors before you can take them out to look for the problematic spots.

Take a Measured Approach

It is not always recommended to buy the first pair of shoes online. It will be difficult to get the right fit if it is not being done physically. Ideally, you should be going to a store with a dedicated kids’ department to try out the shoes. There should be a professional to measure the child’s feet for the right sizing. Although there are some online retail stores that provide such services, you might still not get the right side if the baby is not physically present.

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Tracking Growth

Once your baby starts walking, you might have to change the shoes after a couple of months because of the growth.  This will mean shopping for a few pairs after every few months. You will get used to the process after a few tries as you get to understand your baby’s needs.

Let the Baby Be Picky

A baby that is more than a year old could be having personal preferences. You can present the baby with a couple of options so that they can choose the one the like.

To sum it, comfort and safety are the main considerations you should be having in mind when shopping for your baby’s shoe. Make sure you’re getting the right fit by ensuring the baby is standing when trying the shoe. A baby that is still growing requires breathable shoes and soft leather or cloth comes highly recommended for the material.

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