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5 Helpful Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler

The toddler stage is notoriously trying for parents that need to deal with temper tantrums and headstrong youngsters not listening. Toddlers are exploring the world around themselves, very often getting themselves into trouble. The right type of discipline at this stage can mean all the difference in your child’s behaviour.

5 Helpful Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler

  1. Pick your battles

Trying to force a toddler to respond to you is simply not going to work. Its best to try and maintain a good relationship with your child. Positive reinforcement is a great way of getting them to have more good behavior and less of the bad. Instead of saying no to everything, decide what is important and focus on those things.

  1. Identify the triggers

Some misbehaviour can be prevented when you’re able to anticipate what is bringing it on. Most toddlers will become cranky when they’re hungry or tired. When going on a shopping trip avoid the sweets aisle if your child is hungry. Saying no will only result in a tantrum. Try to go to the grocery shop once your child had something to eat and preferably after his nap.

  1. Be consistent

It is vital to be persistent when it comes to toddlers, especially between the ages of two and three. If your reaction or discipline keeps changing, it will only confuse him. If you don’t allow him to play with the ball inside the house today, then the same should apply the next day.

This goes for parents as well. Both parents should be on the same page.

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  1. Avoid becoming emotional

I know it sometimes easier said than done but it’s imperative not to act on emotions when you discipline a child. The message you’re trying to relate will get lost and the situation will only escalate. Try to remain calm and be persistent. Instead of trying to control your child, its much better to control the situation.

  1. Listen and compromise

When your child is throwing a tantrum because she’s not allowed to open a packet of cookies in the store, remain calm, then compromise. Instead of just saying no, explain to her that she can have the cookies, but you must first pay for it and when you get to the car, she can have a cookie. By staying calm and offer a reasonable explanation, it may not satisfy the urge, but it will help with reducing her anger and defusing the conflict.

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  1. Aah! Am I glad that the terrible toddler days of my son are behind me!! Toddler tantrums can be frustrating for parents. The kids test our nerves because they’re testing boundaries all around them, themselves. But handling them right is the key. Agree with all the tips you have shared. Focusing on what’s important, letting go, being consistent in your behaviour are key.

  2. These are all great tips to teach discipline to a toddler. As a parent, we get emotional sometimes and I have experienced it myself that kids take benefit of our emotions. Knowing what triggers misbehaviour, really helps to avoid such a situation. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I have just forwarded it to my sister who has a toddler.

  3. Right now me and my daughter are in a place where I want to say no to everything and she wants to challenge my limits with everything so this is actually the perfect article for me. Thank you, you are a lifesaver 😊

  4. I still have time to deal with toddler stage but having read so much about toddler tantrums that I am already dreading it. Kids are pretty good at recognising parents’ emotions so it is very important for us to be calm and composed. I love your ideas and points that you have shared. HOpe that my baby will go easy on me 😀

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