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Potty Mouth Mommy

Potty Mouth Mommy

I realised recently that I am a Potty Mouth Mommy. This came about when my 3 year old daughter was playing with her toys while I was doing dishes, she ran along and dropped the ball… and said “Oh shit”.

I need to be really honest here and look at myself. She has started swearing too often for my liking and the fact is that she has picked it up from me and my hubby. Hubby and I know who is responsible by the language she swears in. Hubby is Afrikaans and I am English. Now when she swears one of us will point the finger at the other say that one was your fault!

Hearing swear words coming from my 3 year old’s mouth is not appealing, it is even more shocking that she knows exactly what context to use each word and is not even aware of it being something ugly. I took some advice I heard and tried to just ignore it because often kids do these things to try and get attention but so far that has not helped at all.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to own up to my daughter and change my ways, get rid of my potty mouth and set a good example for my daughter.

I told her that those words are ugly words and I apologised and told her that she learnt them from me and I shouldn’t be saying them and I will stop, and so must she. I have now told her that every time I hear a swear word I will be confiscating a beloved toy for the day…. goodbye Barbies!

Now that I have made the decision to change my potty mouth ways I see how much I actually swear, another change for 2015.

Have you had your child swear and how have you dealt with it?

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