Mistakes You Currently Make with Your Home Roof

When researching most topics, you’ll find a wealth of misinformation—and roofing is no different. Unfortunately, this misinformation often leads consumers and business owners alike to make mistakes when caring for their roof. What mistakes might you be making? Let’s take a look.

Not Checking For Damage Regularly

It’s a misconception that the typical long lifespan of most roofing choices equates to no need for maintenance. All roofing types can be damaged and should be checked for damage regularly—especially after a storm. You may be able to perform small repairs yourself. If you ever feel uncomfortable doing a repair, though, it’s best to call an expert to have things assessed.

Be sure that the contractor you contact deals with the type of roof you’re concerned about. For instance, residential and commercial roofing companies deal with different sorts of problems. Though some companies, such as Armor Services Commercial Roofing Cincinnati, handle both.

Ignoring Safety Measures

The next mistake people make it not being safe. It’s not uncommon for folks to underestimate the damage a fall from a roof can do. When inspecting or working on your roof always follow proper safety protocol. This means never working alone, wearing safety gear, and having a secure, safety harness tied off to prevent falls.

Putting Off Routine Maintenance

Regular cleaning, particularly of your gutters, is essential to the continued health of your roof. Debris builds up can leak too leaks, roof stains, and even structural damage if left unaddressed for a long enough period of time. Research the recommended maintenance schedule for your roof, gutters, and other components in particular, and stick to it. You may want to purchase a light-weight pressure washer for this purpose alone. It makes the job far easier, though there are also plenty of companies that will clean your roof and gutters for you.

Allowing Trees To Stretch

Trees are a lovely addition to most landscapes, but when they grow to close to your roof, serious problems can result on top of the looming fire danger. While the trees near your home are not a part of your roof, don’t forget to keep them trim and their branches well away from the roof of your home.

Over Insulating

There is, actually, such a thing as too much attic insulation. If you’ve over-insulated your attic the air flow in your attic will also be impeded. This can lead to ice build up on your roof and mold growth in your attic. On the topic of attics, also be sure to inspect your attic along with your roof. While there may be no apparent damage to the surface of your roof, you can bet you’ll see signs of it in the attic if it’s there.

There are so many mistakes you can make in regard to roof maintenance and minor repair in both residential and commercial roofing. If ever in doubt, be sure to contact a professional. Many are willing to offer advice or consultations free of charge.

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