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Medical Alert Tech for People Living With Chronic Illness

A medical alert system, also known as a medical alarm system, is a device that’s designed to alert the emergency personnel in the case of a medical emergency. Normally, this is a device that is given to elderly, disabled or chronically ill patients, allowing them to live normal lives without worrying that they might fall or have an attack when there is no one around to help.

It can also be a very helpful tool for those living with other forms of chronic illness or disability. For instance, someone who is prone to vertigo, who has a weak heart, or who experiences severe epilepsy. All of these things could benefit from very immediate action should there be a problem and a medical alert system can really help in this regard.


How They Work

Medical Alert Systems most often work by providing a means of communication – allowing the patient to call for help in case of emergency, usually by directly contacting medical staff. However, they can also provide contact with carers or nearby family members, or might sound an audible alarm.

The devices come in a variety of forms too. Older systems used to involve switches or cords attached to the property. This however presents a problem; if the patient should fall and isn’t near to the system, then they won’t be able to call for help.

With a wearable medical alert system or a portable solution however, the device will always be to hand, meaning that the patient can use it from wherever they might be.


Devices also come with a variety of features and additional functionality as the situation demands. For example, some systems include sensors of various kinds allowing them to make automated calls – these include fall sensors, heartrate monitors, carbon monoxide detectors, motion detectors and more. Other features include water resistance, speed dial and more. Others come with contracts providing round-the-clock emergency call-out services.

Also important is to consider the range of the device. Does the individual need to be near to a landline in order for it to work (sometimes this is the case if it uses a receiver).

Likewise, consider things like water resistance. Is the medical alert device capable of going into the shower? Is it something that you can wear if it is raining?

Finally, consider whether you might like GPS. Some people find that this is an invasion of privacy, but it can be incredibly important when it comes to preventing people from getting lost if they are struggling with Alzheimer’s for instance. Find a medical alert device with all the features that suit your needs.

Why Medical Alert Systems Are Important

Medical alert systems are highly important for anyone living with an illness, disability or increased risk of accident. Not only can medical alert systems potentially save lives, but they also provide peace of mind for family and friends and independence and freedom for patients.

While some individuals will be reluctant to use medical alert tech, the key thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t just for them then. Many of us know someone who is ill, and we spend a great deal of time worrying about them. Knowing that they are okay and that we would be alerted should anything go wrong can therefore be life changing. The irony is that many people struggling stoically don’t want to be a burden – but their refusal to ‘play the patient’ will actually make them more of one.

If you are someone suffering from a chronic illness, then don’t be stubborn. A medical alert device could save your life and it could make the lives of those you know much easier.

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  1. Thanks for this overview. I’m in the process of convincing my mom that she needs a medical alert device, and this is a really nice, brief explanation of why they’re important. I’d like to add, however, that these systems can be inaccessibly priced.

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