Fat Mom with Boobs

Look! It’s a Fat Mom with Boobs…

Here’s the thing, I’ve never been a fat person. I have never had to worry much about exercise or what I eat but I am now turning into a fat mom.

Years ago I remember one of my friends saying she doesn’t even have to eat a biscuit to gain weight she just has to smell it and she gains a kilogram. This was before we had children and I could eat biscuits by the bag full without batting an eye.

Anyway let me just say that those days for me are long gone. Two kids later and having quit smoking I can say that I honestly feel like a tub of lard. I can feel this foreign tummy sitting on me and I detest it.

This festive season is going to be the first where I won’t feel comfortable in a swimming costume and I am not even talking about a bikini here. I am going to be one of those moms that goes swimming in shorts and a baggy tshirt!

If you have been following my blog for a while you would have seen my weight loss efforts at the beginning of this year when I wrote about my mum tum.

At that stage I was loading on the weight after quitting smoking. I managed to stop the weight being added on and I’ve even lost a little during that process but I never got back to my normal weight (ie pre kids).

Anyway back to this fat mom with boobs right?

Us moms, we have no privacy and I am so over it. Yes I poop and my two Minions are with me for the experience. I shower and I have an audience. This is my life.

So I get out the shower and my 5 year old daughter starts jumping up and down shrieking:

“Look!! It’s a fat mom! It’s a fat mom with boobs!”.

Then she tells me “I have to draw this, I just have to draw this right now!”.

And with that my budding little artist races away to the table to go find her pens and paper, leaving me standing there naked and ashamed wondering what I have done to deserve this!

I can hear my husband and daughter talking and laughing while I get dressed.

When I come out the bedroom my husband is killing himself laughing while sticking this artwork up on the wall in the lounge. He says the likeness is just too good to not share it in the public living area.

The Fat Mom with Boobs pic

I take a look and well I have to admit that it is quite good. A nice round belly, fat arms… and well boobs, yes those are there. The legs are skinnier which is spot on, since thankfully those appear to be saved the fat wars. Or maybe the fat just hasn’t managed to spread there yet?

One thing that pleased me greatly is that I have a huge big smile. I would much rather be a fat mom that is happy than a sour faced skinny mom right?

Anyway a friend of mine, Bert Werner, came over a few days later so I could help him with setting up a Facebook page for his and his wife’s business.

I looked up and stare straight at “fat mom with boobs” … oh the shame. I wonder if he’s seen it?

I mean I don’t want to point it out and explain if he hasn’t right? I try and put this out of my head but damn it is a distraction.

I’m testing a weight loss nut!

Today I visited Bert again to help him with some Facebook related things and I tell him about the picture. He hadn’t seen it and we had a good laugh about it.

See, the business I am helping Bert and his wife, Ellen, with setting up online is Awesome Slim Nut. They have their Facebook page set up now and early next year I am going to help them set up a website and assist Ellen with learning how to blog.

She lost 104kgs eating a nut that is from Brazil. Yes it sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Below is an image from her Facebook page showing her weight loss.

Weight Loss Nut

Now I am not a fan of weight loss products, simply because I don’t believe that they are good for you. They are often packed full of rubbish and dangerous ingredients. Lots of diet pills are highly addictive.

I don’t agree with meal replacement shakes or products like Herbalife… sorry but that is not for me.

Anyway Bert gave me a pack of these nuts from Brazil. They apparently break down the fat and toxins in your body and then expel them from your body.

I am about to test this wonderful nut out and I will share my journey with you. I just measured this mum tum and my waist is now 105cm.

Here’s hoping that this fat mom can shed a few kgs. I don’t have a scale right now but I probably weigh about 75kgs… so I would like to lose at least 10kg in total.

It is not really about the amount of weight that I need to lose it is more that this stomach feels like an alien attached to me, it doesn’t belong here and it feels terrible.

It takes a few weeks to start to see the effect so I will share an update with you in January again!

If you want to order some of these nuts from Awesome Slim Nut, you can contact Ellen on her Facebook page, via email at ellen.arubah@gmail.com or call her on 072 047 7162 or 022 714 0251.

At under R300 for 12 nuts which can last 2-3 months. It is a great price and also it is all natural which really appeals to me.

If you are interested but unsure just wait and see my feedback on this product in a few weeks. I will do the research for you!

And trust me if it doesn’t work I will say so, but if you see me in a bikini on the beach… well you better get yourself some of these nuts quick.

Are you a “fat mom” and are you also struggling with your weight?

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  1. I love how i can relate to almost every one of your posts 🙂
    My little one LOVES to jiggle my tummy and scream in excitement that “it keeps moving Mommy” – it does make me feel so ashamed – but when i hear that laugh from the bottom of her tummy – I’m like ” Ill carry a little extra just for that :)”

    • Oh Tamara I know, for some reason out wobbly, huge tummies are a source of great amusement and entertainment for them. My son likes to “smack the tummy” and I think it is must the same process as for your daughter. You smack it once and it just keeps moving right?

      And yes the squeals of laughter are priceless. I must say that episode in our home with the Fat Mom with Boobs has entertained my kids and hubby endlessly already, so I thought I had better share it with everyone here too.

      Why not have a good giggle about it right?

  2. Lots of giggles for this story but i can relate with this… also have a big tummy still after giving birth.
    But decided to start working on it in Jan after the festive season.

    • Marisca yes your baby is only 3 months old, starting in the new year will be much kinder to yourself. I have seen so many moms that try and start losing their baby weight almost immediately and while I can certainly understand why a mom would want to, I believe bonding and resting with your baby is so much important for the first few months.

  3. You have to giggle, i agree Lynne!! 🙂

  4. True Lynne.
    I try to sleep / rest when she’s sleeping and bond / play / chat with her when she’s awake.
    I think all the moms will agree that we should also do washing do dishes keep house clean…. and im not a messy unorganized person but as a mommy i feel that can wait cause my baby and the time we spent together comes first!!!

  5. Almost Feb and finding it so hard to loose weight… the last time before Marli i lost 3kg in week 1.
    In the mornings i wake up and say yes today im gonna do it 100% until i see McDonalds or just think of ice cream and im already 1kg up.
    Aarrgghh think ill start 1of Feb

  6. Im so lucky as i was going along i lots the weight within 2 months…must just do something about my stomach skin LOL

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That is something I am worried about. I am quite overweight now, most of it is on my stomach so what happens to all the skin…. eeewwww!

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