Johnson's Vita-rich Brightening Range

Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Range Review

My husband has been using the Johnson’s Vita-rich Replenishing Body Wash for a while and he has been raving about it. Recently he bought me the Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Body Wash as a gift and it has completely blown me away. I looked it up online and saw that there is a whole range of Johnson’s Vita-rich products including bars of soap and lotions so I had to get the rest of the Brightening Range items to try out so I can share my Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Range review.

Johnson's Vita-rich Brightening Range Review

The Johnson’s Vita-rich Range

As far as I can see the Via-rich products include the following ranges: Brightening, Replenishing, Smoothing, Indulging, Comforting, Revitalising and Nourishing. Each of these come in a Body Wash, Soap, Lotion and Body Cream.

I could not find a body cream at Dischem for the Brightening range so I bought the Vita-rich soap and body lotion to try out. The Brightening range has pomegranate flower extract which hydrates and brightens the skin. I’m not 100% sure if it comes in the body cream too but I will most certainly buy the Brightening body cream if I see it anywhere and I will then update this review.

The Benefits Of Pomegranate Flower Extract For Skin Care

Pomegranate is not only an excellent super food, it is also a fantastic ingredient for skincare.

It is heavy in antioxidants including tannins, Vitamin C, ellagic acid and anthocyanins, making it a fantastic anti-aging and anti-wrinkle component.

Pomegranate helps to protect the outer layer (epidermis) of the skin as well as aids cell regeneration of both the inner (dermis) and outer layers of the skin. It also promotes collagen and elastin production which keeps your skin smooth, soft and healthy.

It is very effective in treating dry skin since it penetrates deeply and contains punicic acid which is an omega 5 fatty acid that prevents moisture loss and hydrates the skin.

Johnson's Vita-rich Brightening Body Wash

Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Bodywash

The brightening body wash by Johnson is absolutely amazing, it is hands down the best body wash I have ever used and I don’t say that lightly. I love absolutely everything about this body wash. It comes in a pretty pink bottle and the colour of the body wash is also a pretty pink. It lathers up beautifully and a small amount does the job well.

The smell is heavenly. so fresh and vibrant. When I have washed with this body wash I feel fantastic and the lovely fragrance stays for a while. My skin looks and feels bright, hydrated and fresh.

I am certain you will be hard pressed to find anyone that does not fall in love with Johnson’s Vita-rich brightening body wash. Do yourself a favour and try it out.

Johnson's Vita-rich Brightening Soap

Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Soap

The soap bar for this range with pomegranate flower extract is also fantastic. The scent is not as strong as the body wash but it is strong enough and very pleasant. I love how this soap bar lathers up so well, there is nothing worse than a soap bar that won’t give a good lather.

I find that my skin does not dry out when using the Vita-rich soap bar and it does a great job with washing my body, leaving me feeling fresh and clean.

Johnson's Vita-rich Brightening Lotion

Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Lotion

This lotion has pomegranate flower extract and shea butter. The scent is lovely and when I put it on after my bath at night I can still smell it on my skin in the morning which is amazing.

It has a good consistency and gets absorbed into the skin quickly leaving my skin feeling nourished.

In Summary

Everything about this range is 100% spot on. The bottles for the body wash and lotion and well designed for holding comfortably, they open well and they are visually appealing. I was so surprised at how well priced this range is making it super affordable for everyone. I also love the shape of the lotion and body wash bottles, they are easy to hold and use, as well as easy to open.

Johnson’s Vita-rich Brightening Range is nothing short of superb. My skin not only looks great, my skin feels amazing too. This range ticks every single box for me. I highly recommend you try it out.

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  1. I would like to try this product.i love the fact that it leaves your skin feeling nourished.

  2. Veerasha Kalicharan

    The Johnsons Vita-rich soaps are amazing its all my family uses is so creamy and smells amazing we also use the deep clean bars

  3. Super helpful , especially for new mommas

    • Lucinda Alexander

      Absolutely would love to try this product

      Heard so much about it, that it makes me green of not trying it

      Many friends love it, and soon I testify of it as well

  4. Linette de Bruin

    Love the products

  5. Thank you for this. I actually didn’t know about these products. I use Johnson’s for my kids and occasionally get the bar soap but these look really good. Keen to try them.

    • They are great Robynn – my kids also love using this body wash and soap!

      • Johnson’s Vita-rich body wash smell is heavenly ❤ what an amazing product would love to win this

      • I am in love with the smell of vita rich soaps I haven’t really tried the body wash but I have seen it but thanks to your review I will definitely add it to my toiletry list for my next shop

      • Lynne Huysamen

        I’ve tried a few of them now and they are all lovely! Definitely my favourite body wash 🙂

    • I honestly havnt used these products before but I would love to have a taste of them. They look like amazing products and based on reviews, people seem to like them alot

  6. I would love to try this

  7. We also use it as a family it smells so good on the body and the smell last long especially the pomegranate and it soft on the skin… I like it very much and I wing stop using it

  8. I’d love to try these products especially now my skin becomes so dry maybe it will help me 😊

  9. i just love the Johnsons Vita-Rich Body Wash

  10. I tried the body wash from this range and love it. It smells amazing

  11. Its always lovely to read a review about something before buying it. It sounds fabulous.. maybe i can get my hubby to use it too. He hates creams on his body but he so desperately needs it!!

  12. Will definitely try this product

    • You really must Farah, they are fantastic!

      • Marcus Hendricks

        Next time I go groceries shopping I will definitely be looking out for this range from J&J. I trust their soaps, lotions and body wash more than I trust their vaccine. Great review Lynn

      • It’s a pleasure Marcus! Let me know what you think when you try it! My hubby loves it!

      • Wow what a beautiful combo and I simply love this brand
        The whole set works wonders .
        This brand always leaves my skin soft and fresh

  13. Anne-Marie Du Preez

    Love this range of products
    Leave your skin feel refreshed

  14. Nomaswazi Gumede

    The Johnsons Vita Range is amazing and I swear by it,really keeps your skin nourished and cared for

  15. Wow awesome products, great review. After reading your post i would love to try these. I am using oh so heavenly products currently in pomegranate and rosehip, so i can only imagine what these products would be like.

  16. Absolutely love the vita-rich range! I’m currently using the smoothies range with yoghurt, honey & oats. So i NEED to try this one. Especially because it has vitamin c for skin brightening and is good for anti aging! Love this ❤️😍

  17. Terri-lee Falken

    Love J&J products! It’s been a trusted brand in my household for years & still is! I cannot to add the vita-rich to my trolley on the next shopping run 🙂

  18. Emily Rajagopal

    His reading about the products makes me wanna try it out.would love to try the brightening soap as I have dark marks on my skin

  19. Karin Kaamilah Hendricks Johnson

    Johnson’s Vita-rich bodywash with pomegranate flower extract is my favourite product in the range and just smells amazing

  20. Estelle van Wilgen

    Certainly will look out for those!


    Amazing platform… Amazing giveaways always informative…

  22. Chronicles of a coloured mom Jenome Valint

    The Johnsons Vita rich soap is the only soap we using and it smells divine

    • I really am the last one to try it out then? LOL well better late than never. I am really loving the pomegranate soaps and lotions, but want to try some of the other Vita-rich soaps in the range too.

      • Sibongile Skosana

        I have a friend who uses Johnson’s vita-rich products, she’s been asking me to try them, I guess it’s time I did.

  23. Annchelle Herbst

    Thank you for the review! We have tried the Johnson’s gentle protect soap for kiddies for our son and it is just amazing. Did not cause eczema and smells amazing. (We bought the one with rooibos in).
    Would definitely try the Vita rich range for ourselves.

  24. I’ve seen this range in stores but never bought it. Will definitely give it a go after this review.

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    Also an awesome competition!


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    I would love to try out this skin range by Johnsons. I enjoyed your read.

  28. Looking forward to trying this range!

  29. I am currently making use of specific body and facial products, but this actually caught my attention and I am definitely going to try it out. I am always skin conscious, so that plays a big role, not ly for myself, but for my family as well. Next trip to Dischem, will be for my Johnsons Vita-Rich products… Yayyy!!!

  30. Chrismarie Fourie

    I love using Johnson products especially the Protect range and I find that my daughter’s skin is in so much better condition in winter time. With other products it’s always red and dry bur not with Johnson protect. Love the pomegranate fragrance too!! #Kaboutjie #WinWithKaboutjie

  31. I have tried out the soap and I love how it smells. Would love to win this giveaway and try out the rest of the range.
    I’m sure it won’t disappoint 😍

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    My wife and I would love to try this and also for our kids too. I am sure the smell must be divine

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    Wishing everyone good luck.
    I need this win shame.


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