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The Papery Jam Packed Stationery Subscription Box Review

I’m a huge fan of The Papery so when I heard that they were bringing out their Jam Packed stationery subscription box I was very excited and so happy when they said they would send one for me to try out and share about it. In case you weren’t aware The Papery is the supplier of the MOM and WOW diaries that I so love. I’m also a big fan of their beautiful journals.

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jam Packed Stationery Subscription Box Review

What’s Included In The Jam Packed Stationery Subscription Box

The Jam Packed stationery subscription box comes packed in a lovely box that you can use for storing your stationery or to repurpose for other uses. There will always be a journal or planner included, as well as a combination of some of the following items (as well as some surprises every now and then:

  • journals
  • planners
  • stickers and sticky notes
  • pens and pencils
  • colouring/ painting items
  • greeting cards/ gift tags
  • notepads
  • printed items
  • various stationery items
  • mystery gifts

You will receive between 8 and 12 items in your stationery subscription box and the value of the items received will be much more than if you had to buy each time separately.

You can buy a once off box to try it out or you can subscribe for a 6 month period. You are billed monthly and will receive a new box every 2 months. There are a variety of subscription boxes available to choose from.

Here’s what I received in my Jam Packed stationery subscription box:

My Jam Packed Stationery Subscription Box Review

It was so much fun unboxing the Jam Packed stationery subscription box for the first time during my live video. I was so super impressed with how beautiful everything looked. It was an absolute delight opening this box of treasures. It came wrapped in a red ribbon with a thank you tag. Opening the box I found the goodies wrapped in gold tissue paper help together with a sticker.

Every single item I received was perfect for me. I have to be honest that I was not sure about the piece of wrapping paper, I thought perhaps it was for chopping up to make arty designs in my journal so I checked in with Alison about it. The wrapping paper can be used for cutting up but it is also the perfect size to wrap any of the items in the box to gift to someone. It is also the perfect size to wrap the entire box to gift. This is a lovely and thoughtful idea. After chatting to Alison she is now adding a note to the wrapping paper to convey this.

Although every item in this box is well loved, the ones that stood out particularly for me are the Growing Paper gifts tags and the gold pen and pencil set.

The Growing Paper gift tags are in a set of four, made from handmade recycled seed paper. The idea is that you use them as a gift tag for someone and they can then plant and water the tags afterwards to recycle them and grow something. My gift cards are basil and tomato seeds. These are the perfect gift tags for my mom and my sister – they are both big on recycling and gardening! I can’t wait to see their reactions when they see what they are.

The gold pen and pencil set are so beautiful with the princess themed pen having a crystal on the end.

I’m a big time stationery lover, in particular when it comes to journals. As an addict in recovery journaling forms a large part of my recovery program. Having a beautiful journal and stunning stationery makes all the difference.

I’m a long time user of The Papery’s journals – they are unmatched in beauty, quality and functionality. Two features of their journals that stand out for me are the ribbon marker and matching elastic. This means I can easily keep two places marked in the journal.

This stationery box is so beautiful that I have still not decided what I want to use it for, it is too special for my normal scribblings. The only thing I have done so far is to hide it from my kids (in particular my daughter) since they raid all my stationery! I’m saving this journal and all the stationery goodies for something special.

This Jam Packed stationery subscription box from The Papery truly is special. If you love stationery and journaling this will be perfect to spoil yourself, it will also make an amazing gift for someone special in your life.

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  1. Queenneth Zuraidah

    Oh wow this is the first I heard of The Papery Jam Stationery but I must say I’m impressed and I love what I see, so I will definitely be checking them out 😊. Thanks for sharing 👍🏾

  2. Tshegofatso Washington

    Aww I was about to ask what Growing Paper gifts were, they sound like such a cool concept. I love the idea of receiving mystery gifts, LOL!!

  3. I love the papery, they have amazing stuff!!!

  4. I love it. I love writing and taking notes and this is so precious it makes you want to do crafts and jot things down.

  5. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    This is lovely. My only problem I would have is that I wouldn’t want to use any of the items

  6. I loved the in detail review of The Papery its super awesome something I would Love to try it.

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