Behind The Scenes 26 November 2021

It has been another busy week behind the scenes with my daughter’s exams and the end of year craziness increasing even more.

The Cadbury Chocolate Hamper Frenzy

I received another delivery from Cadbury this week and unboxed it live to go with the amazing giveaway of 10 x Cadbury hampers. I’ve honestly never had so much engagement in a live video with over 7500 comments coming in during the live. One thing is clear – us moms LOVE chocolate!

Missing Judy In The Live Video

It was so sad that Judy from Fun Mamma SA was not able to join for the live video this morning. She had some difficulty this week with her blood clotting disorder and spent Wednesday night in hospital having tests and being monitored. She was home on Thursday but the medication she was given made her exhausted and out of sorts so she opted to have a sleep instead. I really missed having her live but so glad she chose to look after herself and got some much needed rest.

Alison Deary From The Papery

Having Alison from The Papery join me to chat about the new Jam Packed Stationery Subscription Box was so much fun, especially since I published my review on their stationery subscription box this week. It is so well thought out and a beautiful collection of stationery products.

I also found out that the Scribblz Notepads have a magnet on the back so I have now stuck it on the fridge where it should be.

Out Of Whack

I’m feeling so out of whack lately. The last term is always a bit crazy but this year takes the cake by far. My daughter is writing exams for the first time as she is in Grade 4 and the days she doesn’t write she doesn’t have to go to school. This means I have her at home half the week. In addition to that the kids get out at 12h00 every day instead of 14h00. This makes my work days significantly shorter. Add in class parties and having to buy secret santa gifts for class and teachers gifts, as well as prize giving and the stationery lists and books to buy…. oh my word have I been scrambling.

I am very much looking forward to break up day!

Increased Earnings Through Ysense

I’ve been with Ysense, an online platform for earning through online surveys, tasks and offers, since 2015 and my earnings have increased significantly in the last month since I finally added the app to my phone. I’m now earning through my kids playing games online as well as having more surveys available.

It is an amazing way to earn a little extra in my free time, especially when my kids do it for me playing games! I’ve now earned over $1450 in total since I joined. Check out my Ysense review here.

Finally Shared My Kids’ Beautiful Birthday Cakes

It only took me a few weeks to share on social media the beautiful birthday cakes that my sister in law made my children for their joint birthday party! My daughter asked for a dragon sitting on a donut cake and my son asked for a black jaguar. They were absolutely delighted with the results. Usually I make their cakes and they only get to choose the colour of their icing!

Leaving Wealthy Affiliate

I made a tough decision this last week. I decided to leave Wealthy Affiliate – an online platform for affiliate marketing. I have been a member since 2015 and loved every minute of it. I have learned so much about working online and the tools are amazing. However since I hardly ever log on anymore and I have learned so much there that I feel I don’t need the resources.

I thought I would never leave so it has been a bitter sweet decision. I wrote a review on Wealthy Affiliate some time ago. If you are looking to start working online I highly recommend that you join.

Zimpli Kids

Zimpli Kids

This week I received an amazing delivery from Zimpli Kids and we are going to be having lots of bath fun this weekend. I’m going to use the Baff Bomb myself because I love bath products – my kids will get the rest and I will share some photos on social media next week. I’m sure they will love everything!

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