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How to Tell If Your Kids’ Rain Boots are High-Quality

Shopping for your kids can be challenging. Unlike for adults, where you can buy just about anything, kids are a different story. You have to take into account many aspects when shopping for clothes for them. Will they like the style and color? Will they be comfortable wearing it? Will they even like it all? Although they’re quite young, many kids know what they want in terms of what they wear. This makes it all the more difficult to find the perfect pieces for them. More often than, kids’ clothing need high-quality items for their own little wardrobes, especially rain boots.

Rain boots are most prone to damage when it comes to children’s clothing. Since they wear them in harsh weather conditions, this type of footwear is most vulnerable to the elements. If the pair you’re giving your child isn’t of highest of quality, then it’s not worth the money. But how can you tell if they are? Here are some questions that you need to answer before buying a pair.

How To Tell If Your Kids Rain Boots Are High Quality

Are they Comfortable?

Probably the most important thing you should look out for when buying for your kids is if the pieces are comfortable, particularly when it comes to footwear. Many times, your little ones won’t care what the shoes or garments look like, they just focus on how comfortable they are to wear. Kids’ rain boots, or any kind for that matter, are usually too tight because of the rubber material. But if the pair you bought doesn’t hurt your kids and they find it comfy, then those boots are definitely high-quality.

Do they Stay Dry?

Kids rain boots’ primary function is to keep their feet nice and dry during wet climates. That’s practically their only purpose and if they can’t even do that, then it’s high time to throw them away. when you first purchase your children’s pairs, have them test them out first using your hose. If their feet stayed dry even after you splashed some water on them, then those boots are keepers. But if your kids’ feet are wet after they take the footwear off, it’s a sign that you have to return and replace them.

How Durable are they?

Any footwear needs to be durable. If they don’t break when you run in them or they’re not substantially damaged when faced with various weather conditions, then they’re high-quality. This is doubly important for your kids’ rain boots as, most likely, they’ll be running around and moving about while wearing them. Your children won’t care how wet the streets are or how dry the yard is, they’ll just play as they please. If their rain boots can’t handle them, then they’re definitely not high-quality footwear.

Can Your Kids Move About in them?

Similarly, your kids’ rain boots have to withstand your kids’ energy while wearing them. It’s not just about if the boots will break, but rather, how they will feel after many uses. If after an afternoon or two, your little ones’ rain boots are no longer as good as new, then you might have a problem on your hands. Rain boots are designed to endure just about anything, and if they’re substantially changed after being worn once or twice, that says a lot about the quality of the footwear.

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Can they Withstand Snow?

Beyond just wearing them for the rainy seasons, kids often wear their rain boots during winter as well. They’re the perfect footwear to keep their feet warm amidst the cold and slushy snow. However, certain garments are not able to endure snow and can procure irreparable damage when exposed to it. Sometimes, such garments can be rain boots, and it’ll be unfortunate if your such damage happens to your kids’ pairs. What will they wear when they want to have fun in the snow? High-quality kids’ rain boots are just as important for winter as they are for rainy days.

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Do they Warm Your Kids’ Feet?

Beyond keeping your little ones’ feet dry, they also have to keep them warm. When they’re splashing away on watery puddles or patches of mud, or even when they’re running about in the snow during winter, it’s easy for your kids to literally get cold feet when wearing low-quality footwear. Oftentimes, rain boots come with linings to, not only protect the feet from any external moisture but keep them warm as well. Such are often indicators of high-quality footwear, as well as an extra feature to keep them comfy and cozy.

Do the Stay Up when Not Worn?

Rubber is a strong material that, when molded to particular shapes, can stay up for long periods of time. The same goes for kids’ rain boots, most of which are made out of rubber. If your children’s pair can stay up in their closet or wardrobe, even they’re not in use, then that’s a sign that they’re of the highest of quality. It’s even better if the pair still stays up even after your kid has worn them several times for many years now.

Can they Withstand Heat?

Rubber also works best in colder climates, because when it comes to heat, they can become soft and even melt a little. How your kids’ rain boots react to heat is also an indicator of how high their qualities are. You might think that your kid wouldn’t even need to wear their rain boots, but you never really know that for sure. There might be instances in which, to stay cool, your kids will play around in puddles and such, and they’d want to wear their boots to keep their feet warm and dry. But if the heat makes the boots uncomfortable to wear, then it’s time to replace them.

Do the Colors Fade over Time?

After so many splashes of water or snow, it’s understandable that your kids’ rain boots might fade a little in color. But not so when they’re promised to be of high-quality. High-quality footwear, or just about any other garment, are characterized by how new they still look and feel when worn multiple times. Such is a quality that’s extremely high and is worth every penny.

The next time you have to buy your kids a pair of rain boots, check to see if they meet the standards listed here. If not, then keep on looking at your kids’ rain boots are not worth to waste your money on.

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