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How To Start Your Own Personal Trainer Business From Home

With so many people losing their jobs and having a drop in income, it may be time to start looking at businesses that you can start from home. One thing you can do is start your own personal trainer business from home. The time is perfect for helping people to get fit and healthy, so if this is where your passions lie it could be the ideal fit for you.

 Get Some Training and Get Certified

While fitness may be your passion and you may know a lot about fitness training it is essential to make sure that you have the proper training yourself and that you are properly certified. There are many organizations that offer certification, do your research and find out where the best place is to study and get certified.

If you want to know how to become a personal trainer in Florida make sure to properly research the facilities in that area.

Narrow Down Your Target Audience

It is important to know the type of people you want to work with, if you are a mom you could choose to focus on helping new moms get fit and strong again after having a baby. You could choose to work with the elderly or any other group of people that you resonate with.

Choose Where You Will Work From

Many personal trainers choose to align themselves with a gym or community centre, and some choose to work from home or go to the homes of their clients.

If you align with a gym you will have access to the equipment and facilities, as well as come into contact with a lot of potential clients. However it may not be easy to get into that position as you may have others working there that don’t want you on their turf.

If you work from your home you may need to purchase some equipment and you will need to make some space for a training area such as in your garage. You may also need to look at getting approval for business zoning if you work from home.

One option is to focus on outdoor training, in parks and public areas and making use of things you find outdoors or having a no equipment approach.

Women working out outdoors

Take Out Insurance

Helping someone get fit can result in injury so make sure that you have the proper legal documents in place to cover yourself as well as business insurance in case one of your clients gets injured while following your recommendations.

Buy Some Equipment

Whether you work from a gym, from your home, from your client’s home or in public areas such as parks make sure to buy some of your own equipment. It is always good to have your own tools when you own a business and your own fitness equipment will come in handy no matter where you work from.

Market Yourself

Starting off may be slow and it is important to get your name out there. Get business cards printed, tell your friends and family about your new venture, build a website for your business and get yourself on social media. There are many great ways to spread the word about your personal trainer services.

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