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How To Pick A Nice Flower Girl Dress For Your Daughter

Weddings are fun events for the whole family. Everyone has fun, including the children. They can’t wait to rock the dance floor with their funky moves. But, we must be reminded that kids don’t always get invited to weddings. These days, it is okay only if the parents are invited. Writing “do not bring your kids” is considered to be rude, but some find better ways to do it. This is usually done by only addressing the invite to Mr and Mrs, or the phrase “adults only” can be fitted somewhere in the text. After all, the couple has the right to do whatever they want on their wedding. As long as they announce this on time so that parents can find a babysitter, this practice is okay.

But on the other hand, some may even decide to include kids in their wedding ceremony. We know that kids will be so happy to participate in this important event. From flower girl to ring bearer, and even junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen, kids of any age can participate in this special day.

The excitement starts when your little girl is picked to be the flower girl.  Often, brides hand this role to nieces,  cousins, or friend’s kids aged 4-10. This is what every little girl dreams of. She imagines herself dressed like a princess, coming down the aisle. For adults, this might sound simple but for kids, it can be the opposite. They can suddenly find themselves among unfamiliar people, which can make them feel nervous and anxious. But, kids will stay kids and we love them for who they are.

What to do when your little girl will be the flower girl at a wedding? The first step would be to pick a nice dress that will make her happy. The following tips will give you a hint on what you need to do!


When the date comes closer and closer, you need to prepare everything. Keep in mind that picking the right flower girl dress is not that easy. Your daughter will be stunned by all of the beautiful dresses that she sees, so it will be hard to decide on which one to choose.

On the other hand, a tight budget can be a limit. Even the tiny little dresses can cost as much as an adult dress. And there is no logic that your daughter’s dress is more expensive than yours. Keep in mind that the cost for the dress is paid by you. According to the etiquette, the parents pay for their little flower girl’s dress. Optionally, the bride can pay for it as a gift.

When looking at different options, be sure to check the ones with good pricing. Kids will stay kids, and the dress may suffer tears and spills during the evening. If you spend a fortune on the dress, it is very likely that you will be disappointed when you see that the cute dress has fruit juice all over it. But, you should not worry about this one. You can always find some adorable and cheap flower girl dresses if you search online.

Dress Etiquette

Weddings always have some unspoken rules that you need to know. The bride should do this, the mother should do that. Everyone needs to do something, but no one knows exactly what. You might ask the older people to explain to you, as they have attended so many weddings in their life.

Following a dress code is for the grownups. But when it comes to kids, you really don’t have to follow everything. Usually, the flower girl dress is white and reminds of a bride dress. This will make your daughter so happy, so why not go for it?

The most common design is a long and full skirt, with some cute details such as bows and lace.  The dress can also match the bridesmaids’ dresses by color. Or, the dress can have incorporated details according to the wedding style and color scheme.

However, this matter can always be discussed between parents and bride. If a bride has any special requests regarding the flower girl dress, she should cover the cost too. In some cases, the flower girls wear a mini replica of the bride’s dress. It looks so cute when there is a mini version of the bride, but this can be costly for parents. They would have to place a custom-made order so that an exact dress is made. That’s why the bride herself should be in charge.

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Pick a dress according to the weather. For summer and spring, a short-sleeved dress with open-toes shoes or sandals will work fine. But, if the wedding happens during the colder months you will have to think about it. Add a pair of cute tights and a sweater to keep your little girl warm. Avoid too much layering, because it will take lot more time for a simple visit to the bathroom.

Proper Size

Buying the proper size is very important, as a wrong fit is not your option. The kid will be so annoyed if the dress is too big or too small. You should especially pay attention to this if you buy a dress well ahead of time. Kids grow up so fast, and it is very likely that the dress will be small if it is bought a year ahead. In this case, get one size bigger.


Flower girl dresses should be both cute and comfy. You don’t want your little girl feeling nervous during the ceremony just because she feels uncomfortable in her beautiful dress. The fabric itself can cause discomfort, or it can be the design. This means that you should avoid itchy and stiff fabrics at all costs.

Satin is the most used material for these types of dresses. It allows movement, and cannot be ripped easily. This way, you can make sure that the dress will last and your little girl will feel comfy. Tulle is a lightweight and transparent fabric that is used to add volume and that princess vibe to certain dress design. But, it can be a very porous material so make sure that the tulle is not too thin. Otherwise, it can be ripped when your little girl is dancing and playing around. And you don’t want her crying at a wedding just because she has ruined her “princess gown”. Also, check if the dress is too long. Kids like to have fun and run around, but they can trip and fall down if the dress is too long. This tip will save you a few band-aids for sure.

Do not forget to remove all of the tags inside the dress. A forgotten tag that itches so badly is the main reason why your kid is irritated and furious. As soon as you get the dress, remove tags and the instructions for maintenance that you can find in the inside of the dress. Be careful not to throw these away. Keep them in a safe place, so when the washing time comes. Otherwise, you might do it the wrong way and ruin the delicate fabrics. And you don’t want your little girl crying over that.

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