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How to Get Rid of Excess Body Hair During Pregnancy

With the change in hormone levels during different stages of pregnancy, you may experience a number of changes taking place in your body. It’s very common and almost every single mom that is expecting a child may go through the same process. However, a particular change is quite common in most of the cases. You can probably guess what I’m talking about.

Yes, the change in your hair growth! As the effects of pregnancy hormone vary from woman to woman, some expectant may notice a sudden increase in their hair growth all over the body. And, here is how you can get rid of the excess body hair during pregnancy. Let’s jump right in!

However, before we go to the core of our post today, let’s know whether or not it’s normal to have more facial or body hair during this special time of your mommy life at first!

How To Get Rid Of Excess Body Hair During Pregnancy

Increased Facial or Body Hair: Is It Normal During Pregnancy?

As mentioned earlier, you may notice a sudden increase in your body or facial hair growth at different stage of your motherhood journey due to the hormonal changes. We know how much annoying this can be, especially to a mom that has conceived for the first time. But, the fact is- it’s completely normal to experience excess body and facial hair during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations.

Feeling bad? FYI, these are just temporary changes that happen to pregnant women and will not last long. All these changes will be gone once your baby is born and your body gets back to the usual state of hormone levels. Until then, here is how you to deal with the excess body and facial hair in the following;

How to Get Rid of Excess Body Hair During Pregnancy?

Well, you can still go for the conventional ways of unwanted hair removal like shaving, waxing, tweezing and hreading during your pregnancy. They are safe for the both of you and work as effectively as they used to do when you didn’t conceive. It is best to leave laser hair removal at home until after you give birth as there is not enough information available on how safe it is during pregnancy.

But chances are there that you may end up with inflammation as well as dark skin issues as your skin tend to be more delicate during pregnancy. However, you won’t have to worry about the darkening as it fades away with time.

Anyway, you need to be super careful when going for any of these hair removal methods as they may cause more acute irritation during pregnancy. However, if you end up with something like this, make sure to trim the unwanted hair with the best beard trimmer at first and go for them lesser than the usual.

Before we conclude our post today, let’s remind you once again that excessive hair growth is a completely normal experience along with several other changes during pregnancy.

And, all these things will get back to the regular state once your pregnancy is over. However, if you notice something extremely unusual, take no time to talk to your doctor and follow the advice accordingly.

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