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How Solar Can Set You Free With Versofy

There is no denying that solar energy is a reliable and clean source of renewable energy. But is it affordable?

Versofy co-founders are on a mission to empower fellow South Africans to start their journey towards energy independence with solar, supporting them with affordable finance solutions during these tough times.

As a customer centric business, the Versofy team focus on quality and transparency to the end consumer, while making the whole process as simple as possible.

“We believe that solar doesn’t have to be complicated and should be available to everyone; whether you are dipping your toes into the solar market for the first time, or you are a seasoned professional. It’s all about creating self-sustainability,” states co-founder Ross Mains-Sheard.

Currently in the residential sector the only options available to consumers are to purchase solar outright, extend their bond or take out a personal loan, which tend to have high interest rates.

“We believe that the solar asset class should be viewed differently to the way it currently is, purely because solar, by its very nature, is an asset that pays for itself over time, therefore generating a positive return on investment,” explains co-founder Angus Henderson.

Versofy 1.0 was established in April 2016 as a marketplace for professional services. “Over the first four years, solar was always our most popular category. When lockdown hit and we took a hard look at the business, we realised that solar should be the focus. So, we decided to focus on it as the only vertical and try to solve all the issues that we had picked out,” comments Mains-Sheard.

Versofy now helps customers to optimise their hybrid PV solar systems over a period of time so that they get the most out of it, which can equate to electricity bills being reduced by as much as 80%! “All of our packages are modular, and you are therefore able to upgrade your system over time as your requirements evolve and your budget allows,” explains Henderson.

Versofy also has a robust network within the renewable sector, to provide customers with value right the way along their solar journeys – from quoting, to finance, to installation and maintenance.

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About Versofy

Versofy makes your transition to Solar as simple as possible by assisting you throughout the solar process, providing you with affordable finance solutions and offering support for the lifetime of your system.

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