How Many Times a Day Should You Wash Your Face?

There is nothing as nice as a clean, fresh face. After a proper wash, the skin feels softer and moister, but how often should you be washing your face in a 24-hour period? Is there any evidence that doing so more often or not at all is better for your skin?

Facts To Help You To Decide When And How Frequently You Should Wash Your Face

Washing and Cleaning: There is a Difference

If you have been doing a sport or any other strenuous work, feel free to splash your face with water to remove any dust and sweat. It will invigorate you and help you to carry on with your activity. There is no need to rub your face or towel it afterward. A quick wash of water can do wonders to freshen up your appearance.

When it comes to cleansing your face, there is a lot more to it than soap and water. When you use a gentle cleanser, it doesn’t strip the skin of essential oils and dry it out. Using the right one allows the moisturizer or other anti-aging product you use to be absorbed more effectively.

Cleaning your Face at Night: Two Stage Process

Preparing your skin for eight hours of sleep is not a simple wash and cleanse job. The cleansing should happen before you wash. Removing your make-up using an oil-based cream is best. Even if you don’t wear make-up and stick to sunscreen, you should still do this.

If you suffer from outbreaks or acne, it is even more essential to wash and cleanse using some of the best products on the market specifically developed to combat skin problems. Always use tepid water (even in winter) and make sure to wash every fold and crease in the skin.

Areas that some people forget to wash are the folds around the nose and nostrils, the jawline, and the hairline. Cleansing with an oil-based product in front of the mirror before washing is a good idea because of this. It helps you watch where the cleanser is going better than when you are standing over a sink.

Wash When Needed

Before the science of skincare became so advanced, it was generally believed that washing twice a day was adequate. There was even a school of thought that advocated that you wash your face only at nighttime. Both are incorrect.

You should always wash your face after an activity or workout to help to prevent blemishes and breakouts from forming. If you have very oily skin, you should never skip washing and cleansing every morning and evening. If you have dehydrated or sensitive skin, you should cleanse in the morning with an oil-based product and wash and cleanse at night.

Every dermatologist agrees on one thing: Over-washing the skin on your face (soap and water) can lead to loss of moisture, irritation, and possible early signs of skin aging. Be careful with your face, and you will have beautiful skin for a long time.

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