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How Many CBD Dog Treats Should You Give To Your Pet?

Did you hear about the benefits of CBD For pets and how it can make the life of your dog much easier? So, if you want to give these CBD infused treats to your dogs, you should first know the appropriate quantity that is suitable for your pet. Figuring out the appropriate quantity for your dog can be a little confusing, and hence we will help settle your doubts in the detailed guide below.

How Many CBD Dog Treats Should You Give To Your Pet?

What is CBD, and How Does It Benefit the Dogs?

Before getting into the dosage, it is important to know what exactly is CBD and how it works in the body of your pet. This will help you in understanding why controlling the dosage is important for pets. So, CBD or cannabidiol is a type of cannabinoid that is extracted from the marijuana plant. It is usually extracted from hemp, and hence it does not have psychotic properties. 

This is the reason that it can be given to pets and not make them high but help them have a better life. The CBD extracted from hemp is low in THC, which is the psychoactive component. Hence while buying the product, make sure that it is free of THC. You can read more about the CBD and pets here.

CBD comes with a lot of benefits for the dogs. These include helping in conditions like Arthritis in older dogs. The use of cannabidiol considerably reduces joint pain in these dogs, and they can resume their normal lifestyles after some time. 

Also, in dogs that are going through chemotherapy, nausea and pain are two major complaints. Using cannabidiol can help get rid of both of these symptoms and also help improve the appetite in dogs. 

Another major use of cannabidiol is in reducing the frequency of seizures in dogs. Dogs, when given traditional medicine along with this product, can receive the most benefits. Lastly, it is also helpful in dealing with anxiety. 

Pain relief and reduction in inflammation are also two uses of CBD. The treats are good for dogs that are dealing with some injuries, which cause them regular pain even to perform regular activities. Also, conditions such as intestinal inflammation can be managed with cannabidiol treats.

Pet anxiety is pretty common. It can be separation anxiety, fear of certain things, anxiety caused due to threat or change in atmosphere, etc. A regular dosage of cannabidiol infused treats can help the dogs stay calm and happier. 

Although it is important to note that CBD consumption does not cure anxiety, it helps in dealing with the symptoms by making the dogs calmer and relaxed so that they can be happier. You can know more about how CBD is helping dogs around the world by clicking on this link:

The Factors To Determine Right Serving of Dog Treats

To determine the right dosage of CBD treats for your dog, here are the three things that you should consider:

The Size of Your Dog: The size and weight of the dog are some of the major considerations. The bigger and bulkier dogs will need more cannabidiol than the dogs who are smaller in size. The rule of thumb is to give 1-5 mg CBD for every 10 pounds. 

So, if your dog is about 10 pounds or less, start with a dose of 1mg and then proceed to 5 mg is needed. You can also stay in the middle and give them 3-4 mg, depending on the factors that we will discuss below. 

The Amount Of CBD in the Treat: Now, the serving of treat that you will give your dog will also depend on the amount of CBD in the treat. The amount in every piece of treat will usually be mentioned in the treat packet, and you should follow that. 

Since the treats are absorbed late, giving a dose higher than the other forms such as oils is better to see effects. You should also check the concentration and potency of the cannabidiol infused in the treats before giving them to the pet.

The Health Condition: The last consideration is the health condition. Some conditions where your dog is in a lot of discomforts, such as pain and seizures, will require higher doses in comparison to other conditions such as anxiety and nausea. 

The right serving of CBD dog treats can greatly differ from dog to dog. So, the best way is to start with the lowest dose, which is 1mg per 10 pounds weight, and then slowly increase to 4-5 mg per 10 pounds weight so that your dog doesn’t overdose on the treat. 

If the lower dose is giving you the desired result, stick to it, and if it still does not have any effect, only then increase the dosage. Also, look out for any signs of side effects mentioned below. 

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What Happens If Your Dog Takes Too Much CBD?

In case you accidentally give your dog more than the desired amount, you do not have to worry. There are not any harmful side effects of the product. Also, the higher dosage of cannabidiol will not make your dog ‘high.’ Certain things that can happen are dryness of mouth that can be treated by giving them more water. 

Also, in some cases, the blood pressure might drop, which can lead to lightheadedness in the canine. Also, finally, a higher dose might make your pet sleepy and drowsy. Apart from this, if there are any other conditions such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain that do not get self-treated withing a few hours, it is better to visit your veterinarian for further consultations. 

Again it is important to regulate the dosage of dog biscuit treats to avoid any such side effects on the dogs. Also, always buy the CBD treats from reputed vendors so that you can get authentic products. 

Summing Up

Trying to find the right portion size for your dog’s CBD treat can be confusing in the beginning, but if you read the instructions on the bag of treats and also read this guide, the process will become easier with time. 

If you do not want to go overboard, it is always better to start small and then increase the dosage with time. Always make sure to consult the vet before making any dietary changes for your pet and consider their weight and condition. 

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