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Six Tips on Effectively Removing Stains From Light-Colored Carpets

Do you have light colored carpeting, and are you concerned about the fact that even once it is professionally cleaned, the carpet will become a stain magnet because of the fact it is light? That is a valid concern. Even the faintest colored stains will show up on the carpet.

Forget the horror you feel if a guest that you invite spills wine, or your dog urinates, or your kid throws up on the carpet! If your child spills even a little bit of milk on the light-colored carpet- that will cause significant staining. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can take advantage of easily and naturally when it comes to removing stains on your light-colored carpet (or any colored carpet for that matter). Let’s go over six of these tips.

Six Tips For Effectively Removing Stains From Light Colored Carpets

Take Immediate Action

The first thing to do whenever a stain occurs is to take action immediately. That means take care of the spill before it has any time to settle into the carpet. The good news is that most carpet that is manufactured today is scotch-guarded and stain-resistant. And many professional cleaners will also treat your carpet towards the end so it is resistant to stains. Therefore, the spills will not settle immediately after it happens, but don’t wait either! The point is if you act on it quickly enough and have it cleaned, your carpet will be fine.

Only Clean with Using White

Another important thing to keep in mind is when you are about to clean your carpet, never use a colored rag. Always use a white rag or towel, or white paper towel to clean. The dye from the colored-towels will also mix into the stain when you are cleaning which will defeat the purpose in the end. That is the last thing you will want to see happen.

Never Scrub and Always Blot

Whenever that dreaded spill happens, you are going to be tempted to scrub it because that is how you clean your other areas of your home like your kitchen counters, bathroom floors and vanities, and so on. Cleaning those parts of your home is fine, but never scrub a stain out of your carpet. Always blot instead. If you scrub, you are actually scrubbing the stain further into your carpet fibers instead of it out! By scrubbing, you are allowing the stain to settle deep down which is what you definitely don’t want to see happen. Keep blotting the area until it is completely dry.

Scrape Up Solids

If solids with sauce or liquid fall onto your carpet, you will want to grab a rounded spoon and scrape it off very carefully before blotting the stain with a white cloth. Examples of that would be your child dropping some mac and cheese on the carpet by accident from the plate. This can happen and the only way to reduce the risks is if you make a rule that meals must only be eaten in the kitchen.

Cleaning Stain Light Color Carpet

Once The Stain is Removed, Know That The Work is Not Done

You may be thrilled that the stain is removed because you had acted fast, and the area appears clean. However, you need to be aware of that there is likely some residue from the spill left. You will need to rise the area again by using another white towel and run it under lukewarm tap water and blot it dry. You can stand on the towel and use your foot and your weight to blot it if you feel that will be a sure way to remove every bit of residue from the stain. That certainly will be helpful. And keep blotting until the area is completely dry.

Have a Better Understanding Of Your Stains So You Can Clean it Effectively

All of these suggestions from above will take care of the stains if you act fast, but in order to clean your stains even more effectively, you need to understand the types and what easy homemade cleaning solutions to create in order treat the stains. That means you will want to have certain products that you need as it is accessible when you need it.

For instance, if coffee, tea or cola spills on the carpet, you will want to create a solution of 1 cup of lukewarm water as well as 1/4 of a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent. Make sure it is not more than that because you don’t want to solution to become too soapy or else it will create a residue on the carpet that you will not want. So, therefore, take a white cloth or towel and dip it into the solution to blot the floor with after the spill. It will take care of that.

That same method will also work for pet stains, but you will want to add pet odor neutralizer or baking soda on the area as well after in order to absorb the smell because that solution alone will not. Pet stores will sell products that are specifically used to help take care of leftover odor from pet stains on your carpet or furniture.

That all being said, if a spill happens to occur on your carpet, regardless of the color but you would understandably be even more upset if the carpet was light-colored- you need to act fast. Take a light colored rag and blot the stain up, and apply weight when it is being blotted. Use the homemade cleaning solution in some cases. If you take those steps, then your carpet will be treated effectively.

However, one thing to always keep in mind is no matter how often and how well you are maintaining your carpets, you will need to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year- or at the most, every 2 years. If you have young kids or pets it ideally should be every 6 months. The goal is to treat stains fast, and effectively- and make sure your carpet is cleaned professionally so the life of your carpet is prolonged, and you are living in a clean home environment as well!

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  1. We moved into a home with a few stains on the carpet. I have no idea what kind of stains it can be. We had professional cleaning services to clean the carpet, but the stains stayed. I tried cleaning it with carpet cleaner, vinegar as well as backing soda. The stains did not ever got lighter. Is there anyone that can give me a miracle tip to remove those stains?

  2. @lynne love the practical and efficient approach! I generally detest built-in carpets but it sometimes comes with the territory, right! I also almost always use the vinegar and bicarb mixture @adrilagrange – the vinegar also deter pets to reuse the same spot. By the way – vanilla also neutralizes odors! I’m sorry I don’t have another solution for stubborn stains, but I find old-fashioned Boereseep does miracles on clothing stains, so maybe give that a try! 🙂

  3. My carpets aren’t the problem it’s my ivory colored lounge suite. Now add one boisterous little boy. Result= I regard myself an expert on this topic.

    I have found the ultimate cleaning product!! Powafix, Eco Powa Brush Cleaner. I buy it at Builders Warehouse of all places. I removed black ball point pen from my a wingback during December. My toddler transformed the ivory chair into a black, pitch black chair.The professional cleaning service I called out said there was no way that they could clean the chair. It would be best to recover it or get rid of it. Its then that I though- the chair is already beyond saving according to the experts. I might as well try the paint brush cleaning product.

    Ladies it worked. You would never guess that my ivory colored chair was pitch black and is now again creamy ivory.

    Try it on your carpets. Just remember gloves as this is a potent mix. Also I would first test it to ensure the carpet is color fast.

    • Oh that is interesting Anri – thanks for sharing that great tip! I would love to know if you think I would be able to use that on my light leather car seats? My kids have tramped all over them and the dirt is so ingrained 🙁 I really want to give them a good clean but I am at a loss what to do! I’ve tried washing them but they don’t look much better.

      • Lynne I would personally not attempt it on leather. One needs to use gloves when using it. Its really harsh on your skin, so imagine what it would do to leather. I have heard that dove soap is excellent to scrub leather with. Using a soft natural brush. Then to oil it with leather food. But now imagine the practical implication of oiling your leather seats. it just cant work… Sorry I am at a loss here.

        • Thanks Anri – Dove soap? That is interesting! My other thought was just to get seat covers or maybe just recover the seats.

  4. The moisture richness of Dove is key. I use it on my leather couches,handbags, shoes and before I had kids- on all my horse riding tack.

    I have Escape Gear seat covers in my car as the car came with such practical light beige leather seats… Only a man can design such atrocities. Its like certain cars that comes standard with non matching upholstery. This is merely my personal opinion. Beige seats, grey plastic trim and walnut trim elsewhere….

    The seat covers are fabulous. Just wipe with a wet cloth. Also have a look at Takla or Thule. Escape Gear was our choice as it was locally available and came custom made for my model of car. It also matches the rest of the trims and upholstery.

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