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SA To Breathe Easier With Landmark OBEL® RESPICLEAR® Range

Local specialist brand-building distributor, ACDOCO SA is soon to offer yet another pharmaceutical first in South Africa, this time an affordable, locally manufactured, nature-inspired highly effective decongestant range. 

The OBEL® RespiClear® range, formulated in line with the latest advances in evidence-based medicine, boasts South Africa’s first steroid-free nebs available over-the-counter (OTC) with no prescription.  In addition, the range includes vapour rub and drop formats, also both Schedule 0 and OTC.  

The OBEL® RespiClear® Nebs, in packs of 15, are steroid-free and boast anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties from their natural aromatic essential oils including menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, cinnamon leaf, pine, lavender, peppermint, moringa oleifera seed and olive, along with caffeine. ACDOCO SA’s Marketing Head, Dana Leibovitz, explains that the active compounds impact on the upper respiratory tract to give effective relief of symptoms and may further work to alleviate mucous build-up.  She emphasises that these nebs are the only steroid-free, OTC decongestant nebs available in South Africa.

The OBEL® RespiClear® Vapor Rub comes in a unique 50ml hygiene pump and is further distinguished by being paraben, petroleum and turpentine-free.  The key essential oils of eucalyptus, menthol and camphor dispense in a non-greasy formulation for quick and effective relief of symptoms associated with bronchitis, flu and colds. 

In keeping with the nature-inspired formulations of the range, the OBEL®  RespiClear®  Drops are entirely preservative-free.  A combination of essential oils including camphor, peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus and menthol provide not only anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects, but also anti-inflammatory properties.

The OBEL®  RespiClear®  range will be available at selected leading pharmacies nationwide and can also be bought online at https://www.takealot.com/all?filter=Brand:Obel 


ACDOCO SA is a leading specialist brand-building distributor centred on the health and beauty sector. We are a subsidiary of Astley Dye Chemical Co. Ltd, founded in the UK in 1919, and have been in Southern Africa for over 20 years. ACDOCO SA represents leading brands in Southern Africa including Contempo, BatistePearl Drops, AlpecinSKYNDr.BeckmannNairPlantur, BlanXJordan, Anusol, OBEL RespiClearLifeStyles.


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