A great way to spend 1 minute: watching this video of cute pets and finding out if you might have Type 2 Diabetes

It’s been a tough year. We could all do with some light relief, which is why Sweet Life has put together this adorable video of cute pets playing for 1 minute… Take a moment out of your busy day to check it out!

It also happens to be a Type 2 diabetes risk test, but that’s not what you should concentrate on. Look at those baby bunnies! Aren’t they too sweet for words?

Yes, there are 4.5 million South Africans with diabetes, and at least 2 million don’t know it – but did you see those kittens? So cute!

If at the end of the video you’re holding up more than 5 fingers, you could have Type 2 diabetes. But don’t worry… It can be managed, and even reversed. You’re not alone in this.

Find out more at www.sweetlife.org.za or Diabetic South Africans on Facebook.

(How cute is that baby sausage dog?!)

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