Deworming your baby/child

Deworming Your Baby/ Child

Deworming your baby regularly is important!

Ideally your baby should be dewormed every 6 months from 6 months of age. When you deworm do every member of the household including pets!

It is important to deworm regularly even if there is no sign of a worm infestation, or it is so slight that it is overlooked. A child with worms may have a sore tummy, weight loss and may be irritable.

Signs that your baby has worms:

  • the obvious sighting of worms around the anus or in stools
  • loss of appetite due to the pain or discomfort in the tummy
  • itching or pain around the anus, where the worms entered
  • a rash – especially hives
  • nausea
  • anemia
  • painful and frequent urination due to urinary tract infection – this is more common in girls
  • trouble sleeping
  • constant coughs
  • blood in the stools
  • vomiting -this is rare
  • diarrhea – this is also rare
  • blockage of the intestines – very rarely

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  1. I was just thinking about this before I came to work on how many times a year I can deworm thank you for the information

  2. Interesting, thanks for that info, will be getting this done asap 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this article! Never even thought about it until now. Especially for babies. Our godchild is 7months old and visits us on a regularly basis so and we have cats and dogs. I will deworm him asap.

    • Pleasure Yolanda! This article was inspired by a friend of mine whose daughter got worms. Horror story delux, first thing I did was deworm our whole family and then share the info with all the other moms.


    Thanks for this intresting!!!

  5. Sinah Makgatholela

    My child was only bewormed at the clinic only twice and now he is one year eleven months. Can you pls give me the name of the medicine used to deworm babies.

  6. I deworm my family regularly. My oldest son (now 6) got worms when he was 2 years old. They were coming out of his bum! I have never seen anything so gross. Until then I had never heard about deworming…. I learnt the hard way.

  7. What?
    Being a new mommy and still stupid at times… i must admit i didnt know that i must deworm my baby.
    Sjoh. Thanks Lynne

    • Hey I never knew either and that is why I wrote this post Marisca! I am just a mom like you and when I learn something new then I share it on my blog so all the other mommies know too.

  8. How is this im sitting the other day wonder when i should deworm my boy his nearly 8 months thanks for info was about to go search see when i should deworm my boy.

  9. I know its an old post but good to keep it out there for new and old parents. I myself deworm twice a year in begining and middle as we have animals too

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