Happy Event Body Butter

Happy Event Body Butter Review

I’m a huge fan of Happy Event products, so I was super keen to try out the Happy Event body butter for the first time. I’ve been using Happy Event products since I was pregnant with my first child and I love their range.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Happy Event Body Butter Review

Happy Event Body Butter Review

Happy Event is a well known and trusted skin care brand specially formulated for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. During pregnancy you need to be so careful with the skin care products that you use to ensure that it is safe for you and your baby.

The Happy Event body butter has a unique formula combining olive oil and shea butter. These ingredients contain high levels of vitamins A and vitamin E that deeply nourish the skin and help to retain elasticity.

The body butter is fragrance free which also makes it a lovely product to use after birth for moms that are breastfeeding and for skin to skin contact. Scented products are not advised for new moms as this can interfere with the breastfeeding and bonding process.

I’m a huge fan of the Happy Event body butter. I love the thick and creamy feel of it and how quickly it is absorbed into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. While I’m not pregnant I do have stretch marks so I am always happy to use a cream specially formulated for treating stretch marks. I’m sure the same can be said for many moms!

I’ve been using this body butter for over a month and I am loving how nourished, moisturized and soft my skin is feeling. I’ve lost some weight over the last few months and it feels fantastic to see how this product is helping to reduce the visibility of my stretch marks.

I highly recommend giving Happy Event body butter a try.

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  1. I used happy event with 2 of my pregnancies and can honestly say that with those 2 pregnancies, I never formed any stretch marks. I used to scratch my stomach using a brush and was always told my grandma that I was going to be sorry because it’s going to leave marks. I put my lack of stretchmarks down to using the happy event lotion.

    • Oh the itchy tummy when pregnant! I had that too and it was so uncomfortable. I found using cream regularly helped relieve this Natasa 🙂

    • Mishqah Stoffels

      I love the Happy Event products. Didn’t know about the body butter. Looking forward to trying it out.

      • I also didn’t know about the body butter Mishqah, I only found out about it when they sent it to me! While I love all their products I love the body butter the most. I love thick creams.

      • My wife used this products during and after our son’s birth. Excellent products. Thanks for all the wonderful info.

      • Happy Event is a fantastic product for expecting moms and for after birth 🙂

      • After baby the stretch mark just keep coming, would love to try this

      • Oh I feel you Lynette! Good luck for the giveaway 🙂

  2. I am currently pregnant (third pregnancy) and I am using Happy Event antenatal massage lotion daily. I love the feeling on the skin, and when I have itchy skin I grab some of it and it works instantly. However, I would love the body butter, as I generwlay have dry skin and always looking for a decent cream for the rest of my body. Holding thumbs

  3. Love this product. Used it with my pregnancy and absolutely loved the way my skin felt. It also helped to keep the stretch marks at bay.

  4. Absolutely love love Happy event. I used it Alot while pregnant, I loved it because it’s not too oily and gives best results.

  5. What a great product…. love to get this for my daughter!

  6. I love this product will really be happy to win one.

  7. I simply love happy events products from their body butter to stretch mark creams and also there antenatal massage lotion and post antenatal creams for those harsh deep reddish purplish stretch marks as well as their luxury cream bars bonus is that all thei products are fragrance free its amazing for all types of skin

    • I’m also a huge fan of Happy Event! If you haven’t tried their firming lotion Kayla you really must give that a go too. I love the scent and such a lovely product!

  8. would love to win this for my sister who has a problem of stretch marks

  9. Used it with my first pregnancy and it worked so well. I also struggle with eczema and Happy event lotion helped with that too. Definitely worth it??

  10. I’m currently pregnant and my skin is breaking out and scarring. I hope Happy Event will help me. My friend recommended it.

  11. I love the brand Happy Event trusted over the years and effective results of total moisture & hydration

  12. Kerry Ann Ten Hoorn Boer

    I was lucky to not get stretch marks during my first pregnancy but now after baby number 2 my tummy needs alot of TLC. I would love to win this even though I see my stretch marks as reminders of the glorious thing my body did by bringing 2 beautiful babies into this world.

  13. Colleen Perrow Hogan

    Although I’m now far too old for a “happy event” I’m quite sure the happy event body butter will do wonders for my skin!

    • Oh I’m also past having another “happy event” but the proof of the past happy events are still there and this is a lovely skincare product!

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