Great Gifts Ideas for Men

Great Gifts Ideas for Men

With Father’s day and my dad’s birthday coming up in June, I am again sitting and wondering what gifts I can get for the two most important men in my life.

I get stuck every single birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Anniversary. Buying for women is just so easy. If you get stuck just get something that smells divine and makes bubbles in the bath… with men it is not so easy.

Do you also have this problem?

So I did some online research and I asked a lot of men what they would love as gifts. This is what I have come up with, I hope it makes your life a lot easier when it comes to buying gifts for the important men in your life.

Here is my list of great gifts ideas for men:

Bear Grylls Goodies

Have you watched any of the Bear Grylls series? He is a survival expert and it is quite an eye-opener to watch him on is survival missions.

I’ve seen him swimming naked in icy rivers and then running around rubbing snow all over his naked body. I’ve watched him eat live snakes, scorpions and spiders… I’ve even seen him eat maggots off a rotting carcass and drinking his own pee to survive!

Anyway enough about Bear Grylls and onto his goodies. His gear is very much sought after and here is his prized item:

Bear Grylls Survival Tool

We designed this multi-tool pack for survival in the most extreme conditions. Sheathed in a rubberized, locking carrying case that attaches to a belt or backpack strap, it includes a 12 component multi-tool, flashlight and fire starter rod. Every tool in the kit is outfitted with durable rubber handles for easy gripping, even with gloved hands. All of the multi-tool features are locking – needle nose pliers, wire cutters, wood saw, pierce, scissors, partially serrated blade and more. This is the all-weather workhorse of the Bear Grylls line.


  • Locking Case· Attaches to Belt / Backpack Strap·
  • 12 Component Tool: Needle Nose Pliers, Standard Pliers, File, Wire Cutters, Partially Serrated Blade, Wood Saw, Small Flathead Driver, Bottle Open, Scissors, Crosshead Driver, Pierce & Medium Flathead
  • Flashlight·
  • Fire starter Rod

Priorities of Survival GuideTech Specs:· Overall Length: 152.4mm· Closed Length: 101.6

Wearable Tech – Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker

This is something my hubby has said is very much on his wish list. They are incredibly popular. Men love their sport and exercise, what better way to show your love than to get him something techie like this?

Withings Activite PopAll the technology of a fitness and lifestyle tracker with the stylish looks of a quality watch. The Activite Pop checks all the boxes and is one such wearable technology piece. Featuring the latest tech and a timeless look, Activité Pop helps you embrace healthy habits while complementing your style.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Activity and swim tracking
  • Silent alarm
  • Sleep tracking
  • 8 months battery life on single cell battery
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready – auto sync to smartphone app

Tools and Equipment

Any tools or equipment will go down well. We are always needing our men to fix or mend something for us, so let’s make it nice and easy for them to do just that. I must say that I also love fixing things myself and DIY so I love all the tools kits and equipment too!

Any tool kit is not only a nice gift, but it is something practical that will always be used.

Emergency Car Tool Kit

Never get caught in a pickle without these essentials tools for your car, bike or boat. The set comes in a sturdy case so it’s protected and you don’t run the risk of losing tools. Makes a great gift too for someone that needs a few essential car tools. It’s one of those buy and leave in your car boot kits. You never know when you might need it.


  • Includes:
  • LED Torch
  • 10 Guage, 200 Amp Battery Jumper Cables
  • 6 Piece Socket Set
  • Driver Handle
  • Aluminium Tyre Guage
  • 3 Flathead & 3 Phillips Screwdriver Bits
  • Durable 600D Carry Case
  • Red Contrast Stitching

Cigars and Sets

This is something my hubby can only dream of now since we both quit smoking… but if he was still smoking this gift would have made his year!

Speaking to a number of men, even non-smokers, they said they loved the occasional good quality cigar. This is something very special that will be appreciated for a long time.

Crafted exclusively in the Dominican Republic, every Macanudo Cafe cigar is made with the finest Connecticut Shade wrapper, a flavorful blend of Dominican tobaccos and a select binder grown in the rich St. Andres Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. And to assure you of the same smoothness in cigar after cigar, the makers of Macanudo use only the most thoroughly aged tobaccos.

Rated very highly around the world, this is a mild cigar with a lot of character. Always smooth, always mild, with a flavor profile smacking of vanilla, bread and sweet spice. A perfect morning smoke and a perfect starter cigar. Being invidually vacuum tube-packed ensures lasting freshness and flavour.

This is the perfect gift set for a cigar aficionado or someone that’s interested in the world of cigars and all the sophistication that comes with it. This set has everything you need to immediately start enjoying your cigars right out the box. The mahogany humidor can accomodate 8 large cigars or 20-25 smaller ones. It’s made from quality materials and has a felt underside. Drying accessory included too. Separately these items would cost over R1300.

Set includes

  • 2x Macanudo Cafe Crystal Cigars
  • 1x Steel Cigar Cutter
  • 1x Eurojet Cigar Lighter
  • 1x Mahogany Cigar Humidor


Still not sure what to give him? Have a look through these incredible experience packages. Choose from a variety of unforgettable experience. From a relaxing spa experience to beer tours and Range Rover & Jaguar dynamic driving experiences at Kyalami… you will find something special and unique for your man here.

Experiences for him

I hope these suggestions have been helpful and that you have found something useful here, or maybe it has sparked some ideas for you!

If you haven’t found anything useful in this post, pop on over to Mantality – South Africa’s Number 1 online store for men.

You can also write a love letter for your husband and something special for your father, trust me they appreciate this more than you think!

What gifts do you give to the men in your life? Any great ideas to share with us?


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  1. I am too lucky to find this site. I love this.

  2. My fiancé’s birthday is coming up in December so its always tricky because I have to get 2 gifts with Christmas just the week after! So this really helps. Thank You 🙂

    • Oh December birthdays are always a problem. My brother in law is on the 19th, my son is on the 20th and my father in law is on the 22nd which just adds onto the craziness and expense of Christmas time doesn’t it?

      Like how inconsiderate and inconvenient of people to go and be born at that time LOL.

      Check out the website, they have some really incredible gifts and even if you don’t buy from them it will give you some really good ideas for gifts for men.

  3. These are awesome gift ideas as men have mostly everything exept the wild farm and ferrari so these are options to keep in mind i find it more difficult to buy hubby gifts tools are always a mans best friend so there ill never go wrong my man love his tools and use them alot.

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