Goodbye Baby Years

Goodbye Baby Years

I’ve just realised it is Goodbye Baby Years!

It is strange how one’s perception changes. I found the Baby Years tough at the time. The exhaustion, lack of sleep, breastfeeding struggles, crying babies and routines. I found it very hard to adapt from being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to having every waking (and sleeping) moment ruled by a baby. When things got tough (more often than not!) I found myself wishing away the baby years, looking forward to this mommy business wouldn’t be so demanding. My mom and many other moms warned me against wishing away the baby years and promised me that when the time passed I would miss it.

They spoke the truth. I still speak about my “babies” and people respond asking how old they are. My babies are 17 months and 3 1/2 years old, neither one is a baby. I have a toddler and a child.

Even so I didn’t realise it until I went to see someone recently and she had a 6 week old baby. I didn’t pick this baby up or get too close, but I had an intense urge to. I wanted to put my face up against this baby’s head and smell that amazing new baby smell. There is nothing like it in the world.

When I got home I suddenly started missing having a baby. I wanted the closeness of cuddling a baby close while breastfeeding. What on earth is happening to me? Is this what broody feels like? I hated breastfeeding! Maybe it is like a close friend said to me, we get to an age where our bodies tell us we must have a baby when we see a newborn.

In the blink of an eye the Baby Years are gone and suddenly I regret all those moments that I wished away. I could have spent another few minutes cuddling my babies instead of always trying to get things done.

I enjoyed reading Ian Colvin’s article he wrote for and really relate to what he wrote about it now being time to watch my kids continue to grow.

How fast did the Baby Years go by for you and do you miss it?

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  1. The baby years went so fast for me! My boys are 3 years old and 6 years old now. I have missed the baby years, but something to look forward to is a baby girl on the way.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so true- I think its definatly what made me decide to have baby no. 3- that sweet, squishy, cuddle me baby, with that perfect baby smell, is just so amazing and I am definatly savoring every moment I can with my baba, but even he is just about to turn 1 any day now and its just insane how quickly the times goes by.

    • Hi Angie
      Yes I was tempted to have a 3rd when I realised the baby years are gone but I really can’t, it is just not an option for us! Enjoy the last baby 🙂

  3. Ahhh I miss it almost everyday! I look at baby pictures of my now 2 year old son and I cry every time because I cant believe that he is no longer my baby and that he is growing up into this independent little person. I still call him my baby and I hold him like a baby sometimes but he wiggles himself out hahaha. He will always be my baby- even when he’s old and married!

  4. After reading this i hold her a little longer and kiss her a few more times and give hugs and just think that she’s growing too fast and im excited about that but i also dont want her to grow so fast. My baby girl is just over 3 months now… and just the other day i packed away the newborn clothes and now i have to pack away the 0 – 3 months.
    Its scary and sad how time flies.

    • Marisca it seems to go faster and faster all the time. I wrote this post a while back and now I have a three year old and a five year old. My daughter is going to Grade R in the new year and it feels like I was rocking her to sleep just moments ago.

      So yes give her more hugs and kisses and enjoy every moment.

  5. Its really goes fast by each day,because now his 3years and 6months,i missed all the noises of toys,crying and sleepless night i miss all that.

  6. I miss it so much all the crying and cuddle it’s all gone he is a big man now at 5 but any way he will always be my baby

  7. My baby is only 8 months now but feel like i have missed 8 months going by so fast its scary and his not even a todler yet what will i say then. Its so quick i was still looking at my boy sleeping alot as being a new born now his on his 3rd and 4th tooth and busy figure out how to crawling and his so close to crawl i think.

  8. i fell pregnant to quick after my first baby. so technically i have 2 babies!!! my eldest is now 2 years old but shes act more like a baby then my baby. but i still cuddle and hold my 2 year old. i feel like i robbed her of being a baby if that makes sense. she bad to grow up real quick to accomodate the baby.

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