Why Mommy

But Why Mommy?

Why Mommy is something I am hearing more and more. The most recent “why mommy” has been quite entertaining and I really feel for my little girl.

My daughter is 3 years old and she just loves animals. Unfortunately for her we don’t have any pets. My husband is allergic to cats and we are not home during the day for dogs.

Much to my daughters delight a neighbour’s dog came to visit us on Sunday. This Jack Russel was happy to hang around the front door, but my daughter wanted it inside the house. To encourage the dog she made him some snacks of bread and ham and enticed him in.

She kept trying to close the front door to keep him in, but I argued with her because the dog was a nervous animal and I didn’t want to scare it. I certainly wouldn’t want to be trapped inside with my daughter if I was a dog!

I forgot about the dog as I was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen. A little while later I hear the dog whining and I sent my hubby to look for it. The poor animal had been trapped in my daughter’s bedroom. Obviously she had decided to keep him and locked him in.

My husband called my daughter to the room and pointed out a steaming turd this animal had deposited on my daughter’s Lollos duvet. The look on her face was priceless. I could see she really took this as a personal attack. She asked me “Why Mommy, why did the dog poop on my Lollos duvet?”

I tried to explain to her that the dog was trapped in the room, he didn’t do it to be mean, he just had to poop. “But why on my Lollos duvet?”. Of course I have no explain to offer so I try and come up with something plausible. I looked at her duvet and see some green. Grass is green right?

So I tell her that dogs poop on grass, grass is green… so when he saw the green part on her duvet he thought it was grass. Ok so it turns out my daughter is too clever to fall for that and my explanation actually makes the situation worse. She gives me a black look and says “Mommy that isn’t grass, that is Lettie’s tummy! Why would he want to poop on Lettie’s tummy?”.

I can see the little wheels turning in her brain as she tries to figure this out. How this cute little dog can do something so atrocious as poop on Lettie’s tummy.

She appears to forget about this incident after a while, we wash the duvet and carry on. A few hours later a little voice asks me “Mommy why did that dog poop on my Lollos duvet?”. Once again I am stumped, no matter how I try and explain it I can’t seem to make it better for her. Every few hours since then (and yes it is Wednesday now) she asks me again why he did it to her.

I’ve got an evil sense of humour and every time she has gotten whiny since then I have been tempted to threaten her with getting the dog over again, but of course I can’t because that would make me a Bad Mommy.

Can you share a “Why Mommy” experience with us?

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  1. Your daughter is adorable – too cute man. Kidsa at that age are super clever too.

    By the way, the “why mommy” doesn’t end soon. My 11 yr old still says that all the time

  2. aww! 🙂

    That is too precious. 🙂

    My own daughter is 11 years old. And, sometimes her intelligence amazes me. I’m still acting like she is six years old, worrying that big time explanations are going to freak her out. But she takes bad news pretty well, if I simply explain what’s going on in a situation. For instance, sometimes she really wants a new Steam game but if it’s not in the budget, I just say so and she accepts that. I know it’s not that easy with a three year old as they are still learning but it gets way easier. Just keep being candid about life situations. I liked your explanation, that one made sense. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Beverly 🙂 She keeps me entertained and on my toes all the time. It is just amazing the journey of being a mom and watching a little person develop!

    • Thanks for the comment Beverly. I am hoping it gets easier! With an 18 month old son and a nearly 4 year old daughter it can be tough. I read a post on Facebook today that said that on average 4 year olds ask 467 questions a day. No idea where they came up with that statistic but I can believe it!

  3. Aaawww so adorale your little one im still far from why mom? But ill get there im sure u are ao entertained by your kids…

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh you will get there @lisaanderson and I can promise you that there are some precious moments indeed 🙂

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