Full Coverage Glam Makeup Tutorial

I just love the way that she goes from completely natural to oh so glam. If you want to tidy yourself up for some totally glam event here’s exactly how to do it in this full coverage glam makeup tutorial.

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  1. Amazing what make up can do hey. I personal dont use make up maybe twice a year lol not just because its a hassle to remove but the cost in maintaining them and replacing them

    • Oh totally I am the same… when I wear makeup everyone knows I have done a Youtube video haha…. but imagine you could transform yourself the way she does…. oh wow right?

  2. Amazing how you can change so much just with make-up…but i agree Lynne im als the same the times i wear make-up is sundays as we go to church and after that out for the day and on fuctions LOL which we dont have alot. So you say when someone bump into you at shops and you have make-up on they know you done a youtube video haha you such a classic well same here when someone bump into me they ask what function i attended to if its not a sunday LOL

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