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Four Businesses Moms Can Start at Home This Month

Today’s generation of moms aren’t just homebodies and housewives. An increasing number of moms are turning into business leaders and breadwinners for their families. If you’re looking for business ideas that you can start from home this month, here are four:

Four Businesses moms Can Start From Home This Month

Sell Stuff Online

The art of buying and selling online is still surrounded by a cloud of mystery for many people. The mechanics sound overly simplistic that it leads to a lot of skepticism regarding its legitimacy. Believe it or not, however, buying and selling stuff online as a home-based business really is that simple. It’s just buying low and selling high, with the goal of snagging a modest profit from the transaction.

Allot the one month into researching potential market trends, finding reliable suppliers and manufacturers who can give you a good discount for bulk orders, and setting up a trusted account on eBay, Amazon, or any other eCommerce platform that you’re planning on using.

Consult to Companies/Clients

If you’ve recently retired from years of working for a specific industry and have amassed a mountain of information and insight, you can sell this to companies and clients who are novices in the field. A lot of companies and individuals hire outsiders including consultants to advise them on how to proceed with certain stages in their business operations. It’s oftentimes more cost-effective to hire consultants who you can pay an hourly rate for their services rather than hire a full-time employee and pay a salary, insurance, 401(k)s, and other work perks.

Use the one month to come up with a consulting agreement, consulting contract, and consulting agreement template. For a consulting agreement to be legitimate, you’ll need a consulting contract that details all the terms and conditions for the said agreement. Having a consulting agreement template makes it easier for you to close deals with clients.

Write a Blog

Write your own blog and maintain it. Moms who have a knack for creative writing, some time, and a laptop and internet connection can start a blogging business within a month. One of the many adventures of running a blog as a side hustle at home is that you are given the flexibility and freedom to work on your own schedule and write about topics of your choice. You can make anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 per month, depending on your chosen topics as well as the number of subscribers and readers that your blog amasses.

To start the business this month, identify a topic that you are passionate about and has a lot of profound insight on. Then, build a website either by writing the codebase yourself or using a content management system and then start posting your content.

Organize Events

Event organization is a science and art form that few people can combine and balance effectively. Organizing and planning for other people’s’ events can be an enjoyable activity for some moms who like being in control and putting together parties and events for their family and friends.

Start a home-based event planning and organizing business this month by building relationships with suppliers including floral shops and caterers and by establishing a brand for yourself in the event organization market. In the U.S., the average annual income of event planning businesses range between $53,000 to $73,000, depending on several factors including the magnitude of events handled, client base, and services included.

Gone are the days when mothers had to stay at home while their partners went out to earn a living. Today, moms can generate as much, if not more, income for their families as their spouse.

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