Five Best Pasta Salads

Pasta salads make for a wonderful side dish to bring to any family gathering, summer barbecue or picnic. Very easy and quick to assemble, this dish is tasty and filling. The addition of fruits and vegetables makes pasta salad a refreshing, appetizing and wholesome option. There are so many variations of the salad that anyone is sure to find one that pleases their palate. And remember that pasta salads make some of the best braai salad recipes!

Here are 5 delightful pasta salad recipes.

5 Best Pasta Salads

The chicken macaroni salad is quite different from a traditional pasta salad with  lots of exciting flavors added. Sweet pineapple chunks and raisins, succulent marinated pimento peppers, crunchy carrots and green bell peppers, zesty sweet relish and creamy sharp cheddar cheese.  I love the rainbow of colors from all the veggies and it looks very tempting and fresh. It is served cold and is a piece of cake to make. Just boil your macaroni, cook chicken and add all the rest of the fun ingredients. Three simple steps and you have a hearty, satisfying meal.

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Planning a Saturday margarita party by the pool? This Mexican street corn pasta salad will fit right in and is a perfect compliment to the tacos you will be serving. Combining all the favorite Mexican flavors like elote (grilled corn), beans, cilantro, avocado, jalapeño, cotija cheese, bacon and green onion all mixed in with farfelle pasta and chili-lime dressing. This salad packs a powerful flavor punch and the taste is simply fantastic. Who is ready for salsa dancing?

Give your average pasta salad an upgrade with the mouthwatering Barbecue ranch pasta salad. Loaded with fresh vegetables like vibrant broccoli florets, emerald green spinach, succulent summer squash and zucchini and juicy corn this salad is an ultimate summer culinary delight. All the garden fresh vegetables are mixed with rotini pasta and ranch and barbecue dressings.

Farfelle pasta

Spice-up your pasta salad with the chipotle-ranch dressing. The southwest chicken pasta salad is a powerhouse of flavors thanks to an array of peppers, corn, tomatoes, olives and beans all mixed together with pasta. The delicate flavor of pasta carries out the bold flavors of the dressing and vegetables beautifully. Protein-rich grilled chicken and Colby Jack cheese are an added nutritional bonus. The salad is a pretty kaleidoscope of colors and is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

All you need is 5 simple ingredients to assemble this delicious strawberry balsamic pasta salad. It looks fancy and elegant but requires a fraction of work. Ripe juicy strawberries, mozzarella balls, fresh basil are served with pasta and drizzled with balsamic glaze. It can’t get easier then that!

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