Famit connecting families worldwide

Fam-it App – Connecting Families Worldwide

In this modern day it is not common for all family members to be in close vicinity to each other, family members are spread all over the world.

In my own personal capacity my closest immediate family member, my youngest sister, is 200km from me. Then my parents are 350km from me and my other sister and her son are in the UK when I live in South Africa.

When I start looking at all my aunts, uncles and cousins we are spread all over the world. Yes we can stay in touch on Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype but it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in touch with loved ones amidst our busy lives. Social media is awesome but I do find that it is so hard to keep up with my family when I am swamped with notifications and messages from friends, groups, pages I like and more.

In fact for me as a blogger, social media is not about being social anymore, it is all about work and I get a serious overload from it which means I only spend as much time as I need there to get my job done.

This means I usually don’t take those 5 minutes to check into my sister’s profile to see how my gorgeous little nephew is growing.

In addition to that I am sharing less and less about myself and my family on social media which means there is a huge gap between myself and my family.

My mother has a very large family. She has 8 siblings, all with partners and children and some with grandchildren. Unfortunately I have no grandparents left since my grandpa died two years ago, but I do remember all the communication that went on within both sides of my parent’s families when my grandparents were alive.

Now my parents aren’t getting any younger either, with my dad heading towards the age of seventy. They live far away and on a farm which is quite isolated. I would love a way to be able to keep a closer eye on my family from a health perspective and also just to keep up to date with all those little day to day moments that I currently miss out on.

Now you and your family can stay connected in a completely private way with the new Fam-It app.

What Is The Fam-it App and How Does It work?

Are you also a busy mom, trying to take care of your own children, staying in touch with your parents and worried about their health, as well as wanting to stay closely connected with family members?

Then the Fam-it app is probably just what you and your family need, yes it is also a social network but built completely around the need for families to stay connected privately.

Come June or July Fam-it is launching their Fam-it Home Camera to Kickstarter which is going to be an amazing addition to the app and make it possible to connect even further with your loved ones.

Fam-it Is An All In One Platform


Fam-it is a social network for family units to connect with each other privately and share every day moments with each other, keep track of where everyone is and keep tabs on the health and fitness of loved ones.


Connect with Smart Devices and Apps

You can connect your smart devices to it and also many other apps so that you can monitor the location of your loved ones as well as their health and fitness.

Famit API connect smart devices apps

Keep Track Of Your Parents Health Data

Check your parent’s health data all the time such as blood pressure, blood glucose, step counts, and sleep times.

Keep track of health data


No Worrying About Location of Family Members

You can keep track of where your family members are at all times so no more worrying about where your elderly parents may have gotten to.

Track location of family members

Share Your Grocery List With Family Members

No more confusion with your shopping and keep track of what family members need by sharing your grocery shopping list with your family.

Share your grocery shopping list

Share Daily Video Highlights

Share all those amazing little moments with your family that they would otherwise have missed by sharing daily highlights so your family don’t miss out on family time.


Share daily highlights via video

Control The Privacy

You have flexible privacy, so you can choose to share or revoke access to anyone easily.

flexible privacy famit

Fam-it Home Camera Feature

Now you will be able to connect even more. Most home cameras are made for only monitoring, Fam-it cameras are multi-purpose cameras that connects everyone in the family, bringing them closer.

Fam-it home camera

Connect with Fam-it on their website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Now tell us what you think of this awesome app for your family!

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  1. This sounds good I will be waiting to try it when it’s launch

  2. Wow this is awesome families doesnt have contact due to the fact they all living so far this is the way to go the family we have contact with is at least close by the other familu members thats far doesnt communicate with us at all. This is really a nice app.

    • It is lisa my family are so far that I hardly keep contact with them this could be very helpful

      • You must try it out and see how it works for you let me know ill like to get feedback then try it its super cool and families can stay in contact.

      • I will let’s you know lisa

  3. I recently downloaded Parental board it allows me to set the screen time out limit on my sons device tracks it and emails a daily report

  4. Betsie Labuschagne

    This sounds like a great app. Will definitely try it out!

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