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8 Essential Shoes For Every Woman’s Closet

Let’s face it, the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. They are the queen as far as accessories go. In many instances, they are equally important as the outfit. Shoes are a worthy investment, especially if you do it right. 

You don’t have to own a hundred pairs or be a slave to fashion by following the latest shoe trends. Instead, you can choose a few timeless pieces that can be worn with various outfits and that you know will still be in fashion next fall. Here are 8 essential shoes for every woman’s closet.

8 Essential Shoes For Every Woman

Essential Shoes For Every Woman


Wedges are incredibly sought-after when it comes to comfort and style. It is available in various materials from wood to leather. To really stand out amidst the crowds, consider a pair of woven espadrilles or maybe a pair of floral wedges with bow-tie detail for more contemporary flair. When you buy wedges, look for a pair that makes your heart sing. One you know you will wear for seasons to come.

Classic Black Pumps

Classic black pumps are a staple for any woman’s closet irrespective of their age. I bet you already have a pair in your closet. If not, be sure to invest in a pair because there is a good reason why they are classic. 

A fabulous pair of black pumps can be worn with literally any outfit that you have stashed in your closet and they can be worn to various occasions, such as parties, work events, job interviews, graduation, and more.  It is essential to have at least one pair. Consider classic cuts and shapes and try not to get carried away by the latest versions or trends. Go for something timeless that can be adorned for years to come.


Sandals are must-have shoes for summer and spring. They are so versatile and can be worn with jeans, dresses, shorts, and more. If you love the beach and are planning a trip, shop now for some sandals, so you know they are ticked off the list. 

The best shades that are universal and can be worn with various outfits, include taupe, nude, brown, and tan. Select two pairs. One for casual wear during the day and another pair for special occasions or for a night out.

Statement or Metallic Heels

Whether they are silver, gold or are adorned with some crystal bling, every woman should have at least one pair of sexy statement heels for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or making an impression on a first date. 

Statement heels pair well with cocktail dresses or evening dresses  for special black-tie or formal events. Silver and gold are versatile since they go well with most outfits. You don’t have to wear them exclusively for formal events. You can wear them with a dress, a pair of jeans, or leggings to give your outfit a touch of glamour.


Sneakers have been around for a few years and are still a trendy choice when it comes to buying a great pair of shoes. Sneakers regularly make their appearance on Instagram and remain popular among Hollywood stars. You will often see them featured for everyday wear and even red carpet events. Be on the lookout for a sneakers sale online, because at a sneakers sale you can often get them at a fraction of the price. 

Sneakers are cool and they can be paired with almost every outfit. A good choice to invest in, is a pair of white sneakers to give an outfit that relaxed chic vibe, plus if you’re wearing a loud or out-there outfit, a pair of whites can balance it out nicely.


This is a shoe type that you will find in most women’s closets. Boots can be bought in an array of styles and color choices. They are comfortable and the perfect finish to any outfit. A pair of knee-highs pair perfectly with leggings and a long loose shirt with some Bohemian jewelry, while a pair of uggs can keep your feet warm on those icy winter days. 

Choose a pair of boots that best suit your personal taste and style. Combat boots and ankle-length boots are not just practical choices, but stylish also. They pair well with most outfits.

Block heels

Block Heels

Block heels are another popular choice. When you buy block heels online, you are spoilt for choice. They are available in many styles, from modern classic to sleek city style or glamorous.  This shoe staple is comfortable and stylish, and you can’t go wrong with investing in a pair since there is a celestial block heel out there for every look and occasion.

Platform Heels

The idea of wearing a platform heel can be intimidating for some, but they are among the most supportive and comfortable shoe styles out there. Though it might not be the typical heel for everyday wear, it pairs perfectly with long jeans, and elegant gowns for a theatrical effect.

What About Kid’s Shoes?

When you are shopping for kids shoes there are a few important things to look for. Kids shoes must be stable, lightweight, and comfortable, and not too rigid. Shoes that are made with natural materials are an excellent choice because they are breathable which makes their little feet stay dry.

Just like adult shoes, kids shoes come in different colors, prints, and with various features. To buy the best options, consider the following:

  • The shape of your child’s feet (wide, narrow, etc.)
  • The Season (cold weather, rain, summer conditions, etc.)
  • Preferred materials (suede, leather, etc.)
  • Your budget (kids shoes can be pricey)
  • The intended use (hiking/playground, everyday wear, water play, etc.)
  • Any foot conditions (if applicable)


I hope you have found this post sharing essential shoes for every woman useful and that you will use these recommendations to build a shoe closet that will suit every occasion and outfit choice. Happy shopping!

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  1. stephanie videira

    Love this guide, i used to be a shoe person before kids but have scaled down alot , also love what u recommend for kids shoe buying, sometimes you feel overwhelmed when you enter shoe shops so it helps to have idea/list on what you looking for

  2. As a young girl I always imagined wearing heels to work every day. As a grown up, I have realised that a comfortable, yet stylish, ankle boot is much more practical for my busy, run-around. corporate job.

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