Essential oils anti aging

Essential Oils Are Great Alternative Remedies for Anti-Aging

Being a mom can be very stressful, dealing with stress can have a serious impact on the appearance of your skin and can make you look older than you actually are. While it is completely impossible to put a stop to the natural aging process, you may be able to slow it down to some degree. At the same time, you can generally reduce the visibility of the signs of aging by utilizing the right products. Essential oils have proven to be one of the best alternative remedies for treating signs of aging.

Essential Oils Anti-aging alternative remedies

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is a very popular essential oil, which is known for providing enormous benefits to the skin. This oil is capable of detoxifying the skin, while also rejuvenating the skin. This specific oil is commonly found in anti-aging products, because it is capable of diminishing the visibility of the signs of aging. It can also help to rectify various skin problems, including eczema, dermatitis, and even psoriasis. Even better is the fact that carrot seed oil will blend into the skin exceptionally well. Therefore, it will not feel greasy on your skin.

If you’re looking for a good way to soften your wrinkles, carrot seed oil will do the trick.

Neroli Oil

Neroli oil is another popular essential oil and proves to be a good alternative remedy for reducing the signs of aging. This oil is known to calm and sooth the nerves. It also has a tinge of floral fragrance and can work great as an anti-aging solution, as well as a perfume. So, what makes it a great option for anti-aging? Well, the oil possesses anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil is great for all skin types and it can help to heal the skin. It can be utilized to heal scars, hide wrinkles, and smooth out stretch marks. If you find that the stress of being a mother is causing you to look older, you should definitely try adding Neroli Oil to your skin on a daily basis.

Pomegranate seed oil

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate Seed oil has gained a lot of popularity during the past few years. More and more medical professionals are starting to believe that this oil may be very effective for treating skin cancer. This oil has been utilized repeatedly throughout history and it is known to work exceptionally well for the purpose of anti-aging. Pomegranate seed oil is capable of protecting the skin from sunburn and it’ll also allow you to hide the most common signs of aging.

It is believed that pomegranate oil can help protect and rebuild collagen, reduce the visibility of fine lines, slow aging, and improve skin elasticity. It can also be very helpful for healing small wounds and skin rashes. With so many amazing benefits, you should definitely consider adding pomegranate seed oil to your skin on a regular basis.

Lavendar Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another great option for those wishing to hide the most common signs of aging. This specific oil is a great option, because it is acts as a natural healing agent. Lavender oil is capable of rapidly healing burns and cuts on the skin. Plus, it is important to realize that lavender smells wonderful! When applying lavender to your skin, you will not have to worry about smelling awkward. Instead, you’ll probably receive a few compliments and your friends will want to know where you got your perfume!

Lavender oil is capable of blocking free radicals, which can lead to premature aging. Simultaneously, this oil can reverse the damage that the sun has caused to your skin. There are plenty of good reasons to apply Lavender oil to your skin on a regular basis, so you should begin doing so right away.

Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

Another great alternative remedy for reversing the signs of aging is rosehip seed oil. This oil is derived from the seeds of the rose plant. It offers various benefits for the skin. For instance, it contains plenty of vitamin C, A and E. This combination is capable of protecting the skin from free radicals, diminishing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and smoothing the skin. Finally, this oil contains plenty of essential fatty acids. These acids will make the skin look healthier and plumper than ever before.

If you want radiant, youthful skin, you’ll definitely want to use rosehip seed oil on your skin regularly! There are plenty of over-the-counter products that contain rosehip seed oil, but you can also utilize the oil itself. Either option will provide you with the results that you so desperately desire!

Jojoba Oil

Naturalists and herbalists have been recommending jojoba oil to their patients for many decades. This essential oil not only smells delightful, but also contains beneficial ingredients for human skin. The ingredients, vitamin B and E, chromium, zinc, silicon and copper will work together to slow down the aging process and improve your skin texture.

Jojoba oil acts like sebum, a natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands, by keeping the skin and hair lubricated. It can also be utilized to remove excess oil and buildup, as well. By applying a small dab of jojoba oil to your skin daily, you will see a major improvement in your skin texture and appearance.


Frankincense Oil

When most people think of essential oil for combating aging, they do not give much thought to frankincense oil. This essential oil is capable of balancing out the skin tone, as well as lightening old age spot and sunspots. If utilized regularly, you will see those unappealing dark spots fade away.

Frankincense oil is also capable of improving the elasticity of your skin. Decreased skin elasticity is just a normal part of aging. However, if you commit to a daily regimen of frankincense oil, you will see a major improvement in your skin’s ability to stretch and return back to normal.

People who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun can develop what is known as elastosis, a condition that causes the skin to become leathery. The skin will also take on a weather-beaten appearance that can be resolved with Frankincense oil.

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  1. Thanks for this. I have not been familiar with most of these oils. I’ve been suffering from eczema for many years. Lately it is very bad on my hands and feet, therefore the carrot seed oil is on my shopping list end of this month. I really hope that it will give me much needed relief. I try not to use cortisone ointment unless it’s really out of control.

  2. Fatima Bibi Hoosen

    I love natural remedies and natural alternatives to commercial products
    I make my own moisturizer and facial wash and have a bunch of different oils and essential oils in my stash, I use them for a number of things including mixing in with my creams as well as for massaging

  3. In an effort to prevent stretch marks I have been mixing my own cream with apricot kernel oil and rosehip oil. Thus far it has proven to be superior to store bought tissue oils.

  4. I love natural remedies i use essential oils everyday it truly works

  5. I know a few of the above oils and they are not just good for anti aging but for the hair too like jojoba oil.

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