3rd Wedding Anniversary gift buying guide

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Buying Guide

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a very important tradition. It’s not about spending a lot of money but about spending a moment to reflect on the joy that your marriage has brought to both of your lives.

On your 3rd wedding anniversary you have now weathered through the initial storms that can come up once the honeymoon period is over. You should have adjusted to married life together & be in a solid place.

Studies show that couples who make it through the first two years are more likely to stay together for the long term. So, the third wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate your love.

If you are wondering what you should buy your spouse this guide will help!

The traditional wedding gift for the third year is leather.   A strong, flexible, warm material which represents the state of your relationship at this point.    Check out the gifts below curated for your third wedding anniversary.

3rd wedding anniversary gifts

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Experience For Two

What about booking a caving or climbing trip for two? Your strength has gotten you this far, use it on a weekend trip and support one another.   Both caving and climbing are sports where teamwork is absolutely essential, you will find you feel closer after the trip.  But what about the leather…

Why not buy a pair of leather mountain gloves and include the gift card inside one of them.   A gift he will never forget and an experience you will both enjoy.

Climbing trip

Personalised Leather Memory Box

This beautiful leather memory box is a lovely way to keep your memories stored together.  I’ll bet some of the most nostalgic moments of your life have been looking back on childhood memories a diary, a ticket to an attraction, a day out with the family when the sun was shining and everything felt good. Keep your most important memories together safe, in one place and watch it grow and transform over time as you build your life together through the years.

Breitling Watch With Red Leather Strap

Breitling is a swiss brand made for pilots.  A classic luxury watch brand, equally timeless & cool.  We love the bright leather strap, immediately modernising any outfit.  If your husband likes to be the man in the room looking crisp & on trend then this watch is the perfect wedding anniversary gift.  Made from steel & gold with Sapphire Crystal glass casing it only uses the finest materials.

Anniversary gift guide

3rd  Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

A Romantic Break For Two

Why not treat your anniversary like a mini honeymoon? Ignite the passion & fire in your relationship and book a romantic trip away.  Include activities like snorkeling, kayaking or horseback riding & make sure it’s a weekend packed full of adventure.

Wondering about the connection to leather, this is where it gets super romantic. Gift your wife this stunning leather bound photo album and insert your favourite wedding photo on the first page.  On the second page write a description of your planned weekend trip away and your intent to fill this album with 3rd wedding anniversary memories. Awwww!

Favourite wedding photo

A Ring Gifted In A Leather Box

Your wedding rings symbolise the eternity & unity of your relationship.  Why not add to this with a ring to celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary.  Match the colours & styles of the rings you already choose, but add a small twist. Perhaps a new type of stone, or a slightly different setting. This is to signify the growth in your relationship, to bring something fresh and new into the space and show that your marriage can continue to develop and grow stronger and more exciting throughout the years.  Gift the ring in a leather ring box and celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary in the traditional way.

Ring gifted in leather box

Italian Leather Suitcase On Wheels

Perhaps you have a holiday already planned, or your wife takes regular trips abroad.  This italian leather suitcase on wheels has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of travel luggage we have ever seen.  Handcrafted in Tuscany from Italian leather, this honey coloured suitcase is a work of art.

Why not book a trip to the village where these suitcases have been crafted and visit the factory for an extra special memory.

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