Do You Need An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers have become increasingly common in recent years as more and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of adding fresh, pure air to their home and environment. Air purifiers were once only found in a few homes, but have become increasingly popular and commonly found, but are there any real health benefits to these devices and can they help you and your family? To help you decide, we have some of the advantages you could see from purchasing an air purifier—you may be pleasantly surprised!

They Can Help People With Asthma

One of the key benefits of air purifiers is the role they can play in relieving the symptoms of asthma. Many common triggers for the condition are found in our homes, including dirt, dust, carbon monoxide, skin cells, air-fresheners, household cleaners, cosmetics, and perfumes. An air purifier works by removing the microscopic particles in the air which can help to set off an asthma attack, hugely improving the quality of life for sufferers.

They Can Help With Allergies

Similarly to asthma, many of the allergens which can set off a reaction are located within our own homes. Dust and pet odor are common triggers, along with dust mites, pollen, and tobacco smoke—all of which may be floating in the air in which you live. A quality air purifier, such as those offered by Austin air purifiers, will eliminate these toxins, allowing sufferers to breathe more freely.

They Can Protect Your Lungs

One of the features of a good air purifier is the ability to remove particles and toxins from the air, and this includes smoke from tobacco products such as cigarettes. If breathed in, even by a non-smoker, this can result in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, heart disease, or conditions such as asthma, ear infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Even secondhand smoke is hazardous, particularly for children whose lungs are still in the process of developing. Seniors may also be at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from the smoke. HEPA filters and activated carbon can help to eliminate these particles, drawing and trapping them into the filter, and resulting in fresh, clean and safe air for your family.

They Can Help With Urban Pollution

In our busy lives, we will inevitably come into contact with all sorts of pollution and substances. Highways, cars, toxins, and fumes are all around us, and it is unrealistic to keep our windows tightly closed all day to avoid them. A better solution is to keep your home well ventilated using an air purifier, which can draw in these unpleasant chemicals and trap them inside, reducing your likelihood of breathing in the particles and improving your air quality.

They Can Protect From Asbestos

Though no longer used as a building material, asbestos is nonetheless still present in many homes. The fibers have the risk of causing mesothelioma, a type of cancer which affects the lungs and has the potential to be fatal. An air purifier will help to combat this by circulating the air and trapping any particles which may linger.

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