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Do You Have To Lose Weight Before Undergoing A Mummy Makeover?

Pregnancy and childbirth is absolutely a wonderful time, but it’s no secret that it does no favours for a woman’s body. All of the expanding a body does during pregnancy, not to mention birthing the child itself, can cause some negative long-term issues on a woman’s body, and it can be a far cry from their pre-pregnancy looks. The mummy makeover is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to remedy this, as it focus on all of the areas that are affected as a result of a pregnancy. Those interested in the procedure often have the same question, though: how much weight do I need to lose before getting a mummy makeover? We take a look at the answer in this article – read on to learn more. 

Mummy makeover and weight basics

If you’re desperate to get your curves back after having a baby, considering cosmetic surgery in Sydney is certainly not a bad way of going about it. A mummy makeover can actually entail a series of procedures that all work in some way to address the issues that pregnancy and childbirth can cause, and could include things like a breast augmentation, breast lift, abdominoplasty or anti-wrinkle injections, but what you get will be entirely related to your needs. With this in mind, the weight gain that is associated with pregnancy can cause some issues for some of these procedures, so knowing how much weight to lose to ensure you have your ideal body is important in order to guarantee your own safety. It’s good to remember that even if you have gained some weight, you might not necessarily need to lose weight – this is more something women will need to do if they put on a substantial amount. So, what is classified as a substantial amount, in that case?

How do you determine how much weight to lose?

Although it can seem unclear about how much weight you should lose before a mummy makeover, understanding how BMI factors into this answer can help a lot. BMI, or your body mass index, can be a great tool to help you better determine a safe and healthy weight range for you to be in the leadup to the procedure. It is basically a rough way to indicate the amount of body fat you have by contrasting your weight with your height. Although it isn’t necessarily the most accurate tool in the world, it can very quickly give a cosmetic surgeon a very rough idea of what your mass is in relation to your body, and you may even find that some cosmetic surgeons will not agree to surgery if you are over a certain BMI scale. 

You shouldn’t necessarily be in a rush to get a mummy makeover too soon

It is sometimes recommended by cosmetic surgeons that women wait until they have had all of the children they want before they commit to a mummy makeover. This is because the procedure can be both expensive and can take a toll on someone physically for some time after the operation, so having to do this more than once can defeat the purpose of the original procedure to some extent (particularly if you get pregnant again soon afterwards). Regardless of what your decision might be, though, eating well and exercising between pregnancies can ensure you stay closer to your ideal weight no matter what your decision ends up being. 

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