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Debug Your Home With Natural Pesticides

Most forms of pest control use chemicals. In the long run, these chemicals do more damage than the pests themselves as it pollutes the environment and kills, not only the pests, but other organisms which share its ecosystem.

In our age, we need to resolve to non-toxic methods due to the speed at which our environment is deteriorating. Here are a few environmentally safe and non-toxic pesticides.

Debug Your Home With Natural Pesticides

Salt Spray

Your home plants are the ones that are most prone to being attacked by pests. Most chemical pesticides, however, it does not help in this case as they degrade the soil thus affecting the growth of the plant. 

The salt spray does not affect the plant in any negative way, instead, it provides them with a better nutrition absorption rate to take up vital nutrients such as sulfur, phosphorus, and magnesium. In order to prepare the salt spray, you would need three ingredients: salt, water, and an empty spray bottle. Dissolve the salt in the water till the water tastes salty and pour the solution into the spray bottle. Now spray away at the plants and it will keep your plants safe from pests.

Onion and Garlic Spray

Garlic and onions are a classic duo that we generally associate with vampires. However, in our present-day onions and garlic still prove to be the best option to fight against blood-sucking pests such as mosquitoes, bedbugs, and other pests.

The reason this spray repels pests is that pests do not like the odor of onions and garlic. In order to prepare this spray, you will need an onion, garlic, water, and an empty spray bottle. Let the garlic and onion soak in water for a few hours, after which, pour the solution into the spray bottle and you are good to go. Spraying this on the door and window frames will keep pests from entering your home. This is a non-toxic spray, thus, it can be used on plants. 

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Pests hate the smell of eucalyptus, therefore, essential oils that are derived from eucalyptus will repel pests. In order to prepare this oil, you will need eucalyptus leaves and water. Boil the leaves on low heat for 6 hours and then strain the leaves and you will be left with its essential oils. You can mix this oil with water and spray it in places where you wish to stop any movement from pests.

Magma Home Pest Spray by MDX Concepts 

The Magma Home Pest Spray by MDX Concepts is a pest control spray that is 100% natural. This pest control spray is made with essential oils that have pest repelling properties. Due to its non-toxic nature, this spray can be used indoors without any worries as it does not produce any fumes or affect anyone. 

In order to use this natural spray all you need to do is identify places that are most likely to attract pests and spray away. This natural spray is safe to be used in the presence of kids and pets as it does not harm them.

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