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Creating A Princess Themed Bedroom: Here’s How To Start

Unless you want to build the Cinderella world for yourself, which I don’t judge, creating a princess-themed bedroom for your daughter is as serious task as it is a fun one. As simple as the activity sounds, you’re still designing a room. This takes an eye for art, and not everyone has one.

But do not fret! With a simple but effective process, you can start building that pink castle to help your daughter sleep better at night. Here are a few steps on creating a princess-themed bedroom.

Creating A Princess Themed Bedroom - Here's where to start

Choose a design

Before doing anything else, you must choose what specific design elements you would want to see in the room. Unless you want the whole thing to be a surprise, this step would be ideal to do with your daughter or the room’s owner.

Here are a few specific aspects you ought to decide on:

  • Characters

Choosing a character can affect the entire design. Princesses have different stories with different associated objects. Cinderella has a carriage and a glass slipper; Snow White has an apple and seven dwarfs. The props you will use will depend on the characters you choose. Maybe your daughter has a favorite princess. If not, you can also choose a general princess theme full of pink and glitters.

  • Color palette

I’m sure you’ll choose pink. But what kind of pink? Sometimes, a slight difference in hue can have a different effect than what you’re aiming for. Make sure that when you buy your props and paint, the colors aren’t very different from each other.

You can also try colors other than pink. Other princesses have different color schemes. For example, Pocahontas go great with yellow, while Princess Jasmine can go with turquoise. Unleash your creativity in choosing the best color palette for your bedroom.

  • Motif

Good interior design uses a motif, or a recurring theme or object. In creating a princess-themed bedroom, you can use motifs that correspond to the characters. An example is using fish and other sea creatures for Ariel the little mermaid. Instead of just plastering any princess-looking design in the bedroom, motifs can centralize your design and make things more coherent.

Visualize and plan

After choosing what sorts of design elements you want to see, you can now visualize how they will appear in the room. Which parts of the room will have the pictures and the colors? Which will stay white, and which will be painted pink? These are some of the questions you need to ask when you visualize the design of the room.

To help you out, here are a few prop ideas that you may want to put in your princess bedroom:

  • Castle bed

Nothing can make a little girl feel like a princess better than a castle. You can have a fun DIY project turning a bed into a fortress. Amazon and other online shops also offer great deals on special products like a princess bunk bed with a hiding place and a slide.

  • Backdrop

A vast, beautiful landscape of the princess’ kingdom on a wall of the room would be a perfect backdrop.

  • Royal headboard

You can also design the headboard of the bed to form like a crown. Your little girl will definitely feel like a royal waking up to a princess headboard.

  • Fort

What’s a princess bedroom without a fantastic fort? A fort with blankets and pillows in a corner of your daughter’s bedroom can be a nice playground.

Little Princess

Gather the materials

After you’ve finalized your plans, you can now list and purchase your props and materials. Here’s a list of basic materials that you will need when you design the bedroom:

  • Drapes and bedding

Many shops like Vision Bedding offer curtains, blankets, bedding, and backdrops with themes. Make sure you choose the right color, thickness, material, and design that fit your plan.

  • Paint

Choose your paint color carefully. Know what kind of pink or yellow or light blue you need for your design. Better yet, you can ask your painter to source the paint for you.

  • Miscellaneous decorations

Glitters, sequins, colored cellophane, and other similar art materials can help you beautify the room.

  • Lights

A princess bedroom with pretty lights will create a more realistic princess room. Fairy lights and glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers are great at night.

A princess-themed bedroom is one of the best gifts you can give to your daughter, niece, or sister. Be guided by these tips to have a fun and memorable room makeover fit for a princess!

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