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How long should my baby be awake in between naps?

When my babies were young I was concerned so much how long my baby should sleep and how many naps he or she should have. Things got a lot easier with routine when I realised that the length of time in between naps is really important too!

Time Awake in between Naps is vital to your baby’s routine

How long baby is awake in between naps is very important, if you try and put your baby down to sleep before he is ready he won’t sleep and if you wait until he is overtired you might struggle to get him to sleep.

Watch out for signs of tiredness and use the following guidelines for how much awake time your baby needs:

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Here are 5 Steps to get your baby into a routine that you might find very helpful.

How long is your baby awake in between naps?

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  1. My little mans almost 6 month and can only make about 2 hours of awake time, then he starts getting really cranky! But he will only sleep 40 mins max. Any tips for getting him to nap for longer?

  2. Im on 1-2hours with my little boy 8 weeks old.

  3. My baby girl is 3 months and 2 weeks she sleeps 3 times a day. Awaken at 2-3 hours per nap.

  4. This is spot on!
    Marli is awake for 2 and a half hours but sometimes if it gets to 3hours i know whats coming and im prepared for it… non stop crying until those eyes just cannot anymore. Hate it when she cries like that and im not a “let her cry it out mom” i will climb in the cot with her until she’s in dream land.

  5. When he was 3months he was awake atleast 1hour 30minutes

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