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7 Signs Your Baby Is Tired

Getting to know your baby and his body language is going to help you know when your baby is tired, hungry, sick, needing some quiet time, or ready to play and engage with you. Understanding your baby’s sleep cues will make things much easier for you to get your baby into a routine and good sleep patterns.

7 Signs Baby Is Tired

Here are the signs to look out for to see when your baby is tired:

  1. Fussing, whining, crying, screaming
  2. Glazed stare, looking away, turning head away and/ or arching back
  3. Clenched fists
  4. Waving arms and legs, jerking limb movements
  5. Seeking Comfort by sucking or feeding
  6. Facial grimacing
  7. Pulling up knees

When your baby gets a bit older and is mobile you will notice your baby being less coordinated and bumping into things, falling over, and spilling things more easily.

When you become more familiar with these signs of tiredness in your baby you will know when to start getting your baby ready for bed at night or down for a day time nap.

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  1. Good to know xxx

  2. I wonder of these 7 signs is with most babies as my son had all these signs but so did other babies i know…its a fact that these signs indicate tiredness i saw it with my son.

  3. It’s true and educational for a first time mumy

  4. Love this.
    He will normally become fussy and rub his eyes

  5. Love this thank you.
    My son gets fussy and starts rubbing his eyes

  6. Awww, cuteness…
    My Babies’ eye brows also got red when they were tired. It was always a sure sign for me.
    Great article, as always.

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