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Child Care Options in South Africa

Childcare Options in South Africa

Choosing child care for your baby can be daunting and scary, especially for the first time mommy. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. See below the types of child care available and a short description of each:

1 Day Care Centre

A centre that looks after your child. This type of child care offers specialized care, the child minders are trained and they provide stimulation for your child.



2 Day Mother

This is a child carer that looks after your child, usually in her own home.



3 Au Pair

An au pair is traditionally a young person from abroad that lives with you and looks after your child, almost as part of the family. However there is an increasing amount of local au pairs that live in or come in every day to perform child care duties. An au pair can also do light household duties. Au pairs are usually trained in child care.

4 Nanny

A nanny that comes into your home every day to look after your child as well as do household chores can be a great option for a lot of moms.

5 Family Member

Having your mom, sister, aunt or other close family member to look after your child is a great option if it is possible. Every mom worries that their child might be not be given the love and care they want for their child, having family care for your child can eliminate this fear.

What child care options have you chosen for your baby? Or are you busy choosing and what are your concerns?

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