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9 Tips To Buy Plus Size Clothing And Look Fantastic

Gone are the days where plus sized ladies only have the option of wearing huge baggy clothing items, there are so many ways to be stylish and comfortable with amazing plus size clothing. If you are looking to buy plus size clothing online or instore, here are some excellent tips for plus size fashion.

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9 Tips To Buy Plus Size Clothing and Look Fantastic

Self-love and Acceptance

While this has nothing to do with the clothing that you buy it has everything to do with your confidence and how you come across to others. Embrace your plus size and be thankful for your amazing body that has done so much for you already. If you are a mom embrace your mom bod that has gifted you with children.

The happier you are and the more confident you are will make a massive impact on how you portray yourself outwardly. The truth is that being super skinny is no longer in, plus size is perfect.

Buy Clothing That Fits Properly

It is important to find the balance between clothing that is well fitted and clothing that is too tight. If you buy clothing that is too tight it will be uncomfortable and you won’t look good squeezed into something that is too small. On the other side you don’t want to buy clothing that is too big because you don’t want to look bulky or shapeless.

Don’t get hung up on the size label and don’t be scared to try on a bigger size, it is important to go with what fits and looks good, not what size it says on the label.

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Buy Your Plus Size Clothing Online

Some of my best plus size purchases have been made online so don’t be afraid to buy plus size clothing online. While you may be hesitant to buy clothing online due to struggling to find something good instore there are so many benefits to online shopping.

For starters many online stores specialize in plus size clothing and you can take your measurements and ensure that the clothing will fit you.

Take a look at Superbalist for amazing plus size clothing options, they have everything from tops, dresses, trousers and jeans to jackets. They also offer an amazing fit finder feature, you enter your height, weight, age, gender, body shape and more to ensure that you can find the perfect fit. Once you have entered your details you will be advised on what size to buy for every clothing item you look at.

In addition to this you will be able to see online how the clothing looks on plus size models which will help you to see if the clothing will be suitable for your body shape or not.

One thing I just love about online shopping is reading the reviews from other shoppers and this really helps me to decide whether something will be suitable for me or not.

Make sure to also check the returns policy before making an online purchase, most stores have amazing returns policies that make returning or swapping online purchases very easy.

Follow Plus Size Fashion Bloggers

Find some plus size fashion bloggers with your body shape and see what looks good on them and read their tips for inspiration. You may be too nervous to try new things but when you see how amazing some of things look you may be very excited to give it a go yourself.

Finding out what types of clothing suits your body type doesn’t have to be a trial and error process when you are following someone that has done all the homework for you.

Invest In Some Good Quality Basics

There is no shame in buying some great shapewear underwear that will help to smooth over some lumps and bumps as well as offer you some support. Being comfortable and confident is key.

Make sure to buy the right size bras, this can mean all the difference in how your clothing fits and looks.

Leggings are always a winner, they are comfortable and look amazing worn under a dress or a long top. So stock up on a number of pairs of leggings in different colours to match your wardrobe.

Make sure to invest in a comfortable pair of jeans that fit well, you can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans.

Pay Attention To The Fabric

A top made in polyester fabric can cling to you and not look very appealing, rather opt for fabric that is more flattering such as a cotton-elastone mix. Buying clothing in cheap fabrics can mean that they fade quickly and they may be very thin and flimsy, which is not going to the best look for your plus size.

Do your research and buy clothing made with quality fabrics, this will ensure that the clothing not only lasts but also looks good on you.

Plus Size Jeans

Must Have Plus Size Clothing Items

Along with the basics of leggings, a good pair of jeans and well fitting underwear there are some things that will almost definitely look amazing on every plus size shape. Here are some clothing items that are bound to be a good buy:

  • Pencil skirt – a pencil skirt worn to the knee will elongate your shape and create balance.
  • Well fitted coat – everyone needs a good coat for winter, make sure to invest in one that has a good fit that suits your body shape. Adding a belt will define your waist.
  • Wrap dress – everyone should have a few of these. They are adjustable so you can wear them as loose or as tight as you like and they are flattering on plus size figures.
  • Tankini swimsuit – there is no reason to feel self-conscious anymore when in a swimsuit, there are some amazing plus size options.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tailor Your Clothing

There is no one size fits all when it comes to body types and you may have some clothing items that look (mostly) absolutely stunning, with one or two areas that are a bit ill fitting. You may also have plenty of lovely clothing items that are a bit shapeless. Take them in to a tailor and ask for those items to be adjusted so that they are more flattering. If you are good with a sewing machine yourself then don’t be scared to have a go at them yourself.

Play With Prints and Colours To Find What Works For You

There is nothing wrong with wearing prints if you are plus size and many prints will make you look slimmer and be very flattering. make sure to play around with different prints and colour combinations to learn what looks good on you.

Being bold in plus size is not a sin and you may find that breaking all the old rules that no longer apply is loads of fun.

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  1. For so long plus size woman were overlooked and not catered for as being a plus size and quite awkwardly built woman. I love these tips, will definitely being using them when doing my summer clothing shopping. I love the plus size fashion bloggers. They really do more than just show you how to wear your clothes.

    • I’m a huge fan of buying Plus Size clothing, everything fits so much better – I love Superbalist for buying online since they have an amazing size calculator where you can add your height, weight and body shape, as well as the sizes you buy for other brands then they give you a suggestion on what size to buy and it works beautifully!

  2. As someone who has packed on weight in the last 2 years finding it extremely hard to drop any of it, I just cannot find clothes that fit nicely and I won’t even talk about underwear! Thank you for this article it has helped a bit. Just the price of some of these plus size options are just crazy. I don’t know how the average person affords it.

    • Leanne have a look at Superbalist, they have great Plus Size clothing and the prices are really good plus they often have specials on!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that pencil skirts can also be a good choice when it comes to plus size clothing. I’m thinking about buying some soon because I’ve been gaining a lot of weight lately. If losing all this weight would take some time, I will need to be comfortable in wearing larger clothes for some time.

  4. Marietha Von Fintel

    I need somebody to help me I always looks like tant Stienie van Agter elke man.

  5. I need a makeover so I can feel comfortable in my skin, these tips will help. Thank you so so much

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