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9 Creative Business Ideas For Aspiring Mompreneurs

With so many opportunities to work remotely, there is an array of creative business ideas for aspiring mompreneurs that you can explore. More moms are open to the idea of raising kids at home while running a business. If you are an aspiring mompreneur, hoping to hone your unique skill set and past experiences to start a business, you are at the right place. Here are nine business ideas to pursue.

9 Creative Business Ideas For Aspiring Mompreneurs

9 Creative Business Ideas For Aspiring Mompreneurs

Freelance Writer

One of the best advantages of being a freelance writer is that you can work just about anywhere, plus you can do it at the most convenient times to suit your schedule. You can write for publications and blogs while the kids are at school and spend time with them in the afternoons to help them with homework or to cook dinner. Freelance writing is a lucrative and convenient option. However, if you do decide to go down this route, there are a few things that you must have:

  • A love for writing
  • A reasonable understanding of grammar
  • Ability to self edit
  • Accurately synthesizing other content in an engaging manner
  • The ability to write in good English

While it is not necessary to have formal education in copywriting, English, or journalism, it certainly can come in handy.

Freelance content writing usually involves writing articles and blog posts for bloggers or larger publications. However, there are plenty of writing opportunities for aspiring mompreneurs to consider. For example, ebook authoring is an excellent option for moms working from home. You can even write your own ebook and sell it on sites like Amazon Smashwords. 


While it is a lucrative business to write for other websites, you might also want to look into blogging. Blogging is so versatile. You can choose a niche that you feel most comfortable with and one that you have extensive knowledge about. For instance, if you love cooking and trying out different cost effective, yet nutritious family meals, you can blog about it.

Or, if you have green fingers and have a ton of knowledge about gardening, why not share it with the world? There is an array of niches and topics out there that remain popular. There are always people browsing the web, wanting to know how to do certain things, or searching for tips that can make their lives a little easier. The idea is to create a blog that is a valuable online resource and guide. Once your blog is monetized, you can create a steady income from it, and you will never have to work for a boss again. Instead of working for someone else, you are your own boss and set your own schedule and income.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Many successful entrepreneurs have built a business from their ability to create the most beautiful  handmade items. If you love making beading jewelry, adorable crochet animals, or beautiful clothing items, you can start your own e-commerce company and sell your handmade items online. E-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, Craftly, and Amazon are excellent places for selling your products. You can even promote and sell your items via your own Facebook profile. Similar to freelance, you can meet your business and family needs by setting your own schedule.

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Gardening And Landscaping

If you are an avid gardener and have an eye and talent for exceptional landscaping, you can turn your skills into a lucrative business. You can offer your services to local businesses and homeowners. You can start out small, and expand when you’ve gained a solid reputation and more clients. You can choose between the number of projects you can take on at any given time and the hours you are prepared to work, making it easier to balance your family life and other responsibilities.

Or, if you have a stunning garden with an array of flowers and plants you can begin your own florist business.

Clothing Designer

With the ever-growing apparel industry valued at billions of dollars, there is no better time to join the industry. If you have excellent design and sewing skills, you can create your own clothing line from home. If your sewing skills are not great, and design is more your thing, you can tap into the diverse and evolving T shirt industry.


If you have a knack for taking stunning photographs and you have a decent camera that always accompanies you wherever you go, then a photography business might be just right for you. With the high demand for even, portrait, nature, and wedding photographs, there are plenty of opportunities to explore this creative market.

Photographers have the flexibility to select which clients to take on or which events to photograph, making your home/work life balance a lot easier to balance.

Web Designer

If your skill set involves a vibrant duo of both creativity and a keen understanding of the technical side of designing and managing websites, you are well versed for running your own web designing business from home. Numerous start-ups or small businesses do not have a significant budget or bandwidth for employing a full time web designer and that is where you can offer your services on a freelance basis. This is yet another field where you have immense flexibility. You can choose your clients and work hours that are most suitable.

Social Media Manager

Social media is huge and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Most businesses have social media pages to engage with consumers and stay connected with the world. This is another excellent work-from-home opportunity where you can use your expertise and talents. Social media managers play an important role in managing social media accounts for both small and medium sized businesses. Business owners looking to use the power of social media for brand awareness and marketing campaigns will gladly make use of your services.

Starting Your Own Culinary Business

If baking and cooking up culinary delights is your thing, why not start your own business from home. You can do catering or bakery to boost your monthly income. Just keep in mind that working in the food industry requires certain permits and licenses, and proper zoning.


We hope you have enjoyed this article about 9 creative business ideas for aspiring mompreneurs and that it has motivated you to start using your individual talents and skills and turn it into a lucrative business. The possibilities are endless and working from home gives you the flexibility to balance your work and home life and the ability to be your own boss. 

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