Bubblegum Tablets Combo Deal Unboxing

A while back I introduced you to Bubblegum Tablets before placing my order for both my children for the Bubblegum Tablets Combo Deal.

When our Bubblegum Tablets combo deals arrived it was so exciting and getting all the goodies out of the boxes was great fun. If you buy the combo deal you get the Bubblegum Tablet, the silicone cover, the headphones, car mount and car charger so there is absolutely nothing more you could possibly need to go with your Bubblegum Tablet if you get the combo deal!

Check out all the Bubblegum goodies in my video above – I got pink accessories for my daughter and blue for my son.

My kids have actually had the tablets for a while now, so I will be sharing a full review in the new year with you.

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  1. Moms who have bought this product- how does it compare to the Leap Pad? does it also have ‘programs’ that you buy to enhance mathematics, reading or problem solving? I was all set to buy a leap pad. Now I think I perhaps need to do a bit more research.

    • We bought one for our little girl about 2 years ago. The games are very educational. But I do not like that even in kid mode it can go on to the internet. And we have a problem with the battery not lasting very long. But other than that we have no problem.

      • Anet I have disconnected the inernet. Or rather my hubby did. My kids are 4 and 6 years old – way too young for internet access! They’ve been begging for Youtube but I won’t let them – if they want to watch Youtube they can do it on my hubby’s laptop under very close supervision.

  2. I have never heard of this previously. My son has a leap pad the games are awesome. But it has really been through the mill and was actually looking to getting him another. This may be something i can try and get for him. Internet will definately be off. I dont approve on him surfing the net he is only 4.
    And recently downloaded games on the ipad for him, but it always has pop ups that are x-rated so i had to remove such applications.

  3. I ordered the Bubblegum Tablet, my daughter enjoys watching Youtube kids movies so it was mostly for this. The bubblegum tablet came with a fantastic rubber cover a nice size it is colorful and has plenty of games etc on it but I found the screen quality to be very poor and it takes very very long to start up, also trying to google or play youtube movies on it was near impossible as it keeps on buffering. The Leap Pad is excellent with fantastic games and apps on it but you have to buy them from LeapFrog and they are very expensive, also you cannot use normal Google and internet programs or youtube with the Leap Pad. I now have the Amazon HD for kids, it also comes with fantastic apps it has good screen quality depending on the model that you get, and it is fast and plays youtube movies with no issues, I am incredibly happy with it for my two years old. You can order the package with cover etc for about R3000 +- or buy the tablet for around 2000 and the cover from tech gear for 500 which also comes with a screen cover.

  4. Betsie Labuschagne

    From what age would you recommend the bubblegum tablet? I am searching for something to keep my daughter busy in the car while on the road. We regularly travel for work and it’s about a 5 hour drive, so I need something to keep her occupied for a while.

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